Variety VS Frequency in Recruitment Advertising: What’s more important?

There is no denying that there can often be difficulty when it comes to deciding which advertising mix best suits the recruitment needs of your company.
Do you advertise across multiple platforms? Do you advertise less but in the right places? Do you pay for a contract with one particular job board for multiple job postings?
According to a recent survey carried out by the CIPD, organisations are increasingly looking for talent outside of their organisation – three quarters are recruiting key talent in niche areas. In order to do this it takes a specific targeting strategy, one of which Webrecruit Ireland has plenty of experience in delivering. Learn how Webrecruit Ireland partners with Douglas & Grahame to do just this.
The CIPD have also noted that organisations are developing closer ties with recruitment partners, two thirds of which have reported that they have formed closer partnerships with recruitment partners and consider them more than in recent years. We believe that this is directly related to a partner’s ability to target a wide range of complementary recruitment advertising sources.

So, how do you achieve the right mix of variety and frequency in your recruitment?

Targeting a single job board repeatedly will more often than not attract the same candidates. If this method has been unsuccessful in the past, it may be due to the lack of range in candidate targeting offered by the job board Recruitment partners, such as Webrecruit Ireland, however can target limited budgets most effectively and attract skills in the areas that the company needs. These recruitment partners, through a key understanding of the company and their needs, are more likely to achieve positive results.


New job seekers are joining the search every day, so it is important to make sure that you are ensuring a constant stream of job listings at all times to ensure you are front of mind. This way you have continuous advertising to target jobseekers that will be on the hunt for their new opportunity at a range of different times throughout the campaign.


This being said, many jobseekers are not loyal to one source for job searching. Like most things, we like to assess and weigh up all the different options before we commit to advising our clients which sources to place their vacancies. Furthermore, for specific industries, where talent is that bit harder to find, some organisations will want to list their roles on niche boards, to ensure that the candidates that they attract are truly familiar with the industry.

Avoid mass market approach

It is important to avoid the mass market, scatter gun approach when it comes to recruitment advertising, as this will only increase the time that you will have to spend going through irrelevant CVs. As a result, this only reinforces the importance and benefits of a more targeted approach (particularly in niche areas.)

How Webrecruit Ireland do it

All of the above is a field that a recruitment partner, such as Webrecruit Ireland, hasplenty of expertise in. we are in a candidate-driven market once again, and understand that employers are now expected to fine tune their sourcing strategies to ensure their talent pipeline is jam-packed with great candidates. The service delivery team at Webrecruit Ireland actively analyse and monitor the job boards and our close relationships with data suppliers can deliver a level of resource that will allow you toshutterstock_225190324 achieve the best possible value. We can deliver a campaign that has a proven track record of success, through an appropriate mix of both variety and frequency.

Case Study: Attracting, Managing and Recruiting Talent using Recruitment Advertising

Douglas & Grahame have been using our service for several years now, and have filled a wide range of roles in multiple different areas. Douglas and Grahame’s Human Resources Manager explicitly identified Webrecruit Ireland as an extension to the business due to our ability to target and successfully hire the more niche roles in Menswear fashion. Read the case study here.

Interested in learning more?

Webrecruit Ireland can deliver an online advertising campaign whereby we have the ability to advertise roles across a range of job boards including NIjobs, and the more niche job boards for more specific industries. Request our brochure.

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