Gather employee referrals with referral management software

Referral management software can help to embed hiring within your company’s culture, allowing you to recruit quicker and save money on advertising. Support your company’s referrals programme with the referral management module within Webrecruit ATS.

Customise your referral forms


We know that all referral schemes are unique; that’s why Webrecruit’s referral management software allows you to create bespoke forms for employees to fill out when submitting a referral. You can also store central policy documentation within your form so all users are aware of the details of your referrals scheme and fully engaged in helping your business to find the right talent.

referral management software
referral management software

Gather and track referrals


Any users who wish to submit a referral will be provided with a unique link so their referral submissions can be easily tracked and rewarded as part of your referrals scheme. Employees can also submit CVs and contact details directly for your team to follow-up on.

Monitor referrals in your pipeline


Any referred candidates will appear in the ‘Referrals’ stage of your recruitment pipeline, clearly tagged with the name of the user who referred them. This allows you to keep on top of your referral leads and progress them through your pipeline.

referral management software
referral management software

Keep track of referrals via the referral dashboard


Give users permission to access their own referral dashboard so they can monitor the progress of their referrals and see what stage of the recruitment pipeline they’ve reached.

Report on referrals


Track which users have referred the most candidates as part of your Application Source report. Monitor referrals by job, date range, location, department or by stage in the recruitment pipeline.

referral management software

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