Source, manage and nurture your candidates with our talent pool management software

Your perfect candidate might already be registered with you. Webrecruit ATS allows you to build and nurture pools of talent for future vacancies, enabling you to hire candidates quicker and save money on advertising costs, agency fees and more.

Candidates can enter your talent pool in a variety of ways, including via your referrals scheme, job boards, social media profiles, careers sites, recruitment agencies and manual upload.

Create detailed candidate profiles


Webrecruit’s talent pool management software parses CV data to build comprehensive profiles of your candidates so you can easily search your talent pool for suitable matches. You can also upload additional documentation and notes against candidates to ensure transparency and consistency of information across all hiring managers.

talent pool management software
talent pool management software

Structure your candidate tags


Quick talent pool searching relies on having accurate, structured data. Webrecruit ATS allows you to create a tagging structure that suits your company’s unique requirements so you can organise your data and find the right candidates, fast, for future roles.

Advanced search functionality


Use the drag and drop functionality within Webrecruit ATS to quickly search for tagged candidates within your talent pool. Build complex search queries with ease, using AND/OR and INCLUDE/EXCLUDE rules within your tag matrix.

talent pool management software
talent pool management software

Run searches quickly


Using helpful auto-search functionality, Webrecruit ATS provides users with the ability to set up and save searches for new relevant candidates. This ensures that you never miss a qualified candidate and allows you to connect with the best talent, faster.

Keep your talent pool data clean


Profile detection technology prevents any duplicate candidates from entering your ATS, ensuring that all your candidate data is kept well structured and as clean as possible. Webrecruit ATS also allows you to delete a candidate’s personal information with the click of a button, making it easier for your business to remain GDPR compliant.

talent pool management software

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