Oversee your recruitment agencies with our recruitment agency management system

While we empower our clients to take control of their own hiring, sometimes working with recruitment agencies is unavoidable when looking to source specialist skill-sets or urgent temporary hires. Oversee all recruitment agency activity within Webrecruit ATS’s recruitment agency management system.

Set-up your recruitment agencies


Webrecruit ATS’s recruitment agency portal allows you to manage your suppliers in an orderly fashion. Set-up and structure your recruitment agencies and recruiters by location, specialism, type and status to ensure you can allocate new jobs quickly and easily. You can also select on an agency-by-agency basis how long a candidate can be inactive in your talent pool before they can be submitted as a new candidate.

recruitment agency management system
recruitment agency management system

Send roles to recruiters


Easily assign roles to recruiters within Webrecruit ATS on a job-by-job basis and choose from preferred suppliers, specialist agencies or all suppliers; you are in control at all times, reducing the risk of being exposed to multiple fees. You can also send supporting documentation to your suppliers and review assignment history by agency and recruiter to monitor past success.

Receive agency applications


Any applications submitted by recruitment agencies via Webrecruit ATS will automatically appear within your recruitment pipeline, tagged as an Agency Candidate, with the agency name logged, so you can easily track how your recruitment agencies are performing.

recruitment agency management system
recruitment agency management system

Avoid duplicate candidates


Recruitment agencies will be automatically notified if they attempt to submit a candidate who has already applied for the vacancy or a candidate who already exists within your talent pool.  This ensures that there will be no duplicate data within your ATS and won’t leave you exposed to paying any unnecessary fees.

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