4 reasons why a strong employer brand will help you to get more hires

Job AdvertIf your Irish organisation is struggling to attract its target talent, you will need to think carefully about its appeal to candidates – including whether its employer brand is sufficiently compelling.
Your firm’s employer ‘brand’ is composed of the values that underpin your business’s culture and how it operates. A powerful employer brand is therefore vital, and it isn’t just there to lure those who may have never heard of your company before – indeed, there may be many suitable potential employees among your long-time existing customers.
Here are just a few reasons to create and maintain the strongest employer brand.

1.It attracts applications

By focusing on your employer brand, you will be able to attract applicants to your website or application form – and it doesn’t have to be too difficult. If applicants have heard good things about your firm or seen an advertisement online highlighting the benefits of working for your organisation, they are more likely to want to find out more.

2.It encourages referrals

An employer brand is not simply about how you market to and handle new recruits. That’s because it’s also about how you treat your current workforce, clients and customers. If your employees are happy in their positions at your company, they are more likely to say all of the right things about their brand to their friends, family and jobseekers, whereas if the opposite is true, they will likely discourage others from applying.

3.It helps to find likeminded applicants

An employer brand should demonstrate the values, ethos and culture behind your business – and by communicating the right messages about what your brand truly stands for, you will be able to better attract likeminded individuals.
By hiring people who understand and identify with your brand and see your vacant position as more than just a job, also truly believing in the importance of what your company does, you can improve retention and as a result, not have to spend so much time and money on continually hunting out new talent.

4.It helps to land Millennial talent

Although all employees like to feel that their job represents more than simply a means of paying the rent, this tendency seems to be especially apparent in the Millennial generation that is increasingly coming to dominate the workplace.
Younger employees are routinely attracted to positions that offer a culture of continual growth and instant feedback, sometimes even valuing these aspects of a role over baseline salary. As this age group is also particularly brand-conscious, developing an attractive brand image will encourage them to consider your organisation.
If you are looking to develop your Irish firm’s employer brand, why not take advantage of the employer resources currently available through Webrecruit Ireland? As well as guides to executing a successful online recruitment advertising campaign, we can provide you with an applicant tracking system to enhance your hiring process and ensure that you can more easily find the right talent for your business.

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