4 ways to improve employee engagement by working as a team

shutterstock_220586725Engaging your employees can be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding tasks of a management role. Although the initial process can be difficult, when your employees are well-engaged, they will be more efficient, motivated and dedicated to their positions.
The improvement of your employees’ engagement levels is certainly not meant to be a ‘one man job’. To maximise the chances of genuine engagement, you need to encourage your entire workforce to come together – so follow these four simple tips to make a start.

1. Inspire your workforce

Genuine engagement cannot be forced, so you need to inspire your workers to want to work. Praising employees, recognising their achievements and encouraging them to work to their best will better enable natural engagement within your workforce, so it makes sense to instil such practices at the heart of your company culture.

2. Get all departments to participate

You can’t reasonably expect only one or two of your departments to take responsibility for employee engagement, so you should make sure that all of them are genuinely working together.
Bringing together your senior team, managers, leaders, contributors and new hires can help to boost relations and improve engagement and efficiency, so you shouldn’t neglect the importance of the right meetings and team building events.

3. Focus on education

Educating your workforce can certainly play a role in boosting their levels of engagement. Showing your employees the value of their jobs and the impact that increased productivity levels could have will help to motivate your frontline workers to engage on a deeper level.

4. Communicate effectively

Effective communication is essential if you are to increase levels of engagement. Whether you develop a formal feedback mechanism or hold regular staff meetings to allow your employees to feel heard and appreciated, there are lots of ways you can boost engagement.
Transparency is key – employees who don’t feel that they have been kept in the loop are more likely to feel disengaged from your organisation, so when possible, you should ensure that your employees are kept well up to date.
The more you focus on developing an engagement strategy for your business, the more likely your organisation will enjoy high levels of job satisfaction, efficiency and staff retention. Combine these strategies with our other extensive employer resources here at Webrecruit Ireland to truly bring your Irish firm to the next level.

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