5 qualities that your next recruit absolutely must have

Recruitment companies throughout DublinRecruit Qualities have certainly been getting a lot of business recently as the city’s economy continues its recovery. However, the market is increasingly a candidate’s one – there is frankly a lot of competition for the very best people.
If your own company wants to avoid a dud hire, it therefore needs to know exactly what it is looking for. Whatever your industry, the following five traits are a great place to start.

1. Professionalism

This characteristic consistently figures at the top of employers’ wish lists. The most professional workers are those who take their job seriously, prioritise work responsibilities when up against tight deadlines, behave pleasantly to colleagues, customers and clients and comply with company policies.
They will also be the first to let you know of any issues that less engaged workers might turn a blind eye to.

2. Flexibility

Is the candidate the kind who takes new duties and responsibilities in their stride? Are they willing to do things that they might not want to do, for the good of the company? In short, you need a candidate who bends, rather than breaks.

3. Honesty and integrity

These are some of the most important qualities in a human being in general, never mind a worker. The very least that you should ask for is a candidate who meets expectations and keeps promises.
If these characteristics seem to be lacking in an otherwise promising candidate, walk away. They simply aren’t traits that, if deficient, can be compensated for by other qualities.

4. Willingness to learn

Who wants an employee who just rests on their past achievements or reputation? The best candidates will always be pushing, striving to be better. They’re the candidates who have a long string of academic courses and industry accreditations on their CV, and who value personal and professional growth at least as much as the size of their pay packet.

5. Initiative

Related to the above point, your dream candidate will also be someone who can make decisions and take action, whether or not you prompt them to. You can’t teach this quality – a driven, motivated and independent employee is one to be cherished.
If you constantly hire candidates with all of the above traits, it’s fair to say that you will rarely go wrong. These are the people who are committed to serving your company, making your own requirements and goals their uppermost priority.

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