6 Tips for your Graduate Job Hunt

After three to four years studying, and perhaps an additional placement year in the industry, you are fully qualified, and ready to take on a new challenge. You have the skills and knowledge for your desired field, but you are struggling with the job hunt and would like some advice.


So, Webrecruit Ireland has outlined some key considerations that can make the job hunting process much easier.

Update Your CV

As a graduate, a University degree is probably going to be one of your most prominent achievements to date, so it is important to ensure that this is updated on your CV (and LinkedIn).
When applying for a job, it is also essential that you tailor your CV for each and every role, making sure that your skills and experience are directly applied to each one. A CV that isn’t tailored will not only potentially position you as an irrelevant and unsuitable candidate, but it can also suggest a lack of effort and interest in the position.

Use Job Boards

Are the majority of your job searches done through job boards? If so, you will already be aware of the wide variety of opportunities, employers, and recruiters involved. As a result, it is highly recommended that you upload your CV directly to these job boards, so that you can gain maximum exposure.

Make the most of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for both networking and gaining industry specific information. Join groups and utilise LinkedIn searches to explore the opportunities that are out there.
Furthermore, LinkedIn is also used by sourcing specialists to search the passive market, which again only emphasises the importance of having an updated profile.

Look out for Recruitment fairs

Post graduation emails; Blessing or a curse?
If you’re lucky enough to be receiving emails to your university inbox, then you are probably receiving information about local recruitment fairs. Make the most of these. Even if they don’t lead you directly to a job, they may give you some more ideas on where to apply and how to go about this.
You should also create a separate email account for your smart phone. This will ensure that you are always up to date, and can be notified very easily.

Take time on applications

When you find what appears to be the ideal role, make sure you give the application process the time that it needs. Read over the questions, and understand exactly what the process entails before you sit down and fill it out.
Applications generally take a lot longer than expected. If the process has the option to save sections of your application, then do so. Make sure each section is as strong as the last.


It can be difficult to continue your job hunt if you haven’t been successful to date, but try to separate each opportunity from the last one. Each job is different, and if it’s right you’ll get there, but like most things – first comes the hard work.


If you are lucky enough to land yourself an interview, you can also check out Webrecruit Ireland’s tips on how to adapt to the increasingly popular video format.


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