Why Employer Branding Matters: The Essentials

Brand-notepad-BSCreating and maintaining a strong employer brand can make a huge difference to your company. Attracting and retaining the best talent is key when direct sourcing, but an effective employer brand can be the tool to ensure you are getting the top applicants.
In essence, the perception of your company can either drive a candidate away, or make them want to apply for a role at your organisation.
So, Webrecruit Ireland looks at why employer branding matters; breaking it down into five essential benefits that can impact your company.

1. Make Your Company Stand Out

There’s no doubt about the competition in the market for candidates, so it’s important to make your company stand out.
With a strong employer brand, your company will stand above several other businesses, encouraging candidates to apply for your vacancies.

2. Increase the Size of Your Talent Pool

You can also develop your talent pool, with more applications coming through from candidates that want to work with your company.
Your talent pool will not only increase in size, but increase in quality, filling up with better talent and consequently improving your quality-of-hire.

3. Improved Employee Engagement

You can create a real buzz around the company by enhancing your employer brand. Employees can be reminded on what encourages them to work at your company.
You can also turn this around by asking employees, what makes them want to work for your organisation?

4. Avoid Financial Implications of Low Retention

If there isn’t a sense of culture, brand and who you are as an organisation, you may have to invest more in new hires and on-boarding due to employees leaving.
Additionally, if you don’t start focusing on your employer brand, you could lose your best employees to a competitor.

5. A Chance to Boost Your Culture

Employer branding strategies can begin by looking at the company culture. Ask yourself questions – what makes your company distinctive? Why would candidates want to work here?
This gives you a chance to see where the gaps are, to help you constantly improve the experience for both employees and potential candidates.
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Remember, what you say you are and how you act as a company should be consistent; there isn’t much point in promoting a brand that isn’t the real you – candidates will soon find out.
The process you use to recruit should also reflect the attributes you seek to portray in your branding. Therefore, thinking about each step of the hiring procedure, and ensure you are sticking to these elements.
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