Why Direct Sourcing Solutions Should Be A Top Priority

Direct Sourcing Solutions

Many HR departments continue to ask themselves, can direct sourcing solutions deliver the best candidates? Do I have the right internal capability and resources to do it?
With pressure on considerations including time-to-hire, cost and candidate talent pools, plus the rising cost of agencies, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking at ways to enhance and streamline their recruitment processes.
In the following blog, Webrecruit Ireland covers the advantages of direct sourcing methods, and how HR teams are in a great position to start doing it themselves.
Whether you’ve thought seriously about bringing recruitment in-house, or still aren’t quite sure about the benefits direct sourcing solutions can bring, it’s worth taking the following in to account.

You Can Build Searchable Talent Pools

If you’re looking to make your next hire, it can make the task in hand a whole lot easier if you have a searchable pool full of talent ready and waiting. Which is why it’s no surprise that In-house recruiters are identifying talent pools as one of their top two priorities – the other being direct sourcing (The FIRM, 2015).
These two go hand in hand. The use of recruitment software with direct sourcing allows your business to form a database of candidates that match your requirements.

You Can Reduce Your Reliance on Agencies

It won’t happen in an instant, but by building your in-house recruitment you move away from your reliance on agencies.
As your direct sourcing channels strengthen, the amount you spend on agencies will decrease resulting in quality recruitment at only a fraction of the cost.

You Can Manage Suppliers More Effectively and Centralise Your Recruitment

In-house recruiting brings with it the luxury of reviewing and monitoring your entire recruitment process, from start to finish. This greater control of your hiring procedures allows you full understand exactly what needs to be developed or changed within the process.
Implementing recruitment software as part of your direct sourcing strategy subsequently means you will be able to report on the success of each resource, understanding which has worked best.
Partnership with a recruitment company such as Webrecruit Ireland provides you with the option to hand over job board contract management to a trusted supplier, giving you more time for strategic tasks.

You Will Become More Strategic as a Function

It’s important nowadays for HR to go beyond just filling a position. You need to identify skill gaps and understand more about attracting and retaining the best talent at all levels for the business.
Effective direct hiring using tools, such as an applicant tracking system, can result in in-house teams making more informed decisions on their recruiting, by obtaining reports on key metrics.

You Can Boost Your Employer Brand

Direct sourcing means candidates are able to access you directly through job applications, enabling you to build your company brand through establishing an online presence. This, therefore, results in developing a reputation in your sector.
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Businesses are considering new ways to advertise their jobs, nurture talent and make their teams more efficient, whilst the traditional method of recruitment is no longer providing the required results.
And, considering the above benefits, it’s no surprise as to why companies are choosing direct recruitment as part of their hiring strategy.

Direct Sourcing Solutions

Want to learn more about bringing recruitment in-house? Check out Webrecruit Ireland’s free paper ‘The In-House Direct Sourcing Guide’.

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