A Virtual Workforce: Why you Should Seriously Consider it

business-desk-icon-300x300HR managers these days are used to turning their hiring practices digital. They’re doing away with the paper forms, cover letters and CVs in favour of streamlined technology, such as our very own Fusion recruitment software, that allows them to conveniently and efficiently manage candidates via one screen.
But have you ever thought of making your employees virtual, too? We’re not talking about robots taking over the workplace… we’re talking about your workers being based wherever they want or need to be, to such an extent that you may not even have a central office.

Your employees will undoubtedly love it…

People who have flexibility with how they work tend to be happier with their jobs and their wider lives. That’s without considering the commuting time that can be saved, freeing up more hours per day for working.
Virtual working just makes a lot of sense to employees these days. More and more workers want to escape the regular 9 to 5 in favour of a good work-life balance, and virtual working gives them more freedom to manage this themselves than if you were peering over their shoulder in an office.

…and for your company, it’s even better news

Giving your staff the vote of confidence to work virtually, in the process setting results-related goals and targets rather than placing a big emphasis on the number of office hours, could also be the perfect blend of approaches for extracting the maximum productivity from your employees.
The most obvious benefit of a virtual workforce from the employer perspective is the opportunity to hire a smaller, more affordable company office or eliminate one altogether. From the rent to the electricity bills, that should certainly cut a lot of overheads in one fell swoop, leaving more for your bottom line.
For many HR managers, though, it is hiring where the strongest benefits of virtual working make themselves clear. All of a sudden, there’s almost no limit on the geographical location of whoever you recruit – instead, your priority can be finding the best possible person for the role.
As far as win-win situations go, there are few on a par with virtual working. It could just be the perfect accompaniment to your Fusion recruitment software.

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