Turbo-charge your online recruitment with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

ATS 1In recent years, online recruitment in Belfast may have become a little easier with the rise of social media alongside the more traditional job boards. However, it’s still time-consuming and expensive for most of the city’s employers.
This is where the right Applicant Tracking System (ATS) comes in. What is such software for, and how can it bolster your staff hiring?

How an ATS streamlines online recruitment in Belfast

An ATS makes the staff recruitment process more efficient in a number of ways. It certainly makes for greater convenience and security for applicants – they just complete their application online, including any assessment questions relating to the specific post, before uploading their CV.
Such software makes things much easier for employers, too, who are able to do everything from posting new vacancies online and receiving and scoring applications to communicating with candidates and arranging interviews. You might even use an ATS for managing the offer and final hiring process.
Such systems aren’t new, although they have certainly gained in sophistication in recent times, with much emphasis now on the refinement of interface design and speed.

Why might you use an ATS?

An ATS can save a lot of time on your online recruitment in Belfast, for example by allowing you to quickly create job advertisements that can then be published on various parts of the World Wide Web. It also takes the ardour of manually processing candidates off your hands.
You can use an ATS to more efficiently screen candidates, moving them through the workflow process and keeping tabs on all relevant documentation. It gives you greater control over a higher quality recruitment process, with application targets able to be monitored, issues promptly identified and the hire period kept as short as possible. Discover the benefits of applicant tracking systems today.

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