Could retargeting technology help to fill your vacancy?

Recruitment TechnologyRecruitment was previously seen by some as the art of selling the advertised vacancy you were wishing to fill for your clients. It was all about creating that opportunity for a life changing career that would open up a whole new world of career progression. However, companies wishing to recruit staff have expanded into the creative world of marketers over recent years. This doesn’t revolve around just one unique selling point of the job vacancy but the overall perception and image the vacancy and, indeed, your company may communicate.
With its own market-leading technology in the form of an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) for the management of applications, Webrecruit Ireland recognises and has researched the variety of other technologies constantly coming on board for the potential benefit of recruiters.
Technology comes in many different forms and provides a variety of different avenues for your company to grow bigger and become stronger within their marketplace. Retargeting is a new and existing form of technology, very much familiar from the world of online retail. It refers to the term for the serving of display ads on the basis of prior interaction. Site-based retargeting focuses on users who have already visited your site, while they are visiting other sites across the web. It is a highly effective method of converting site visitors into purchasers.
Site-based targeting is a very clever and well constructed process for the use of recruitment. It isn’t just restricted to online recruitment. You may recall previous encounters with an online store, where you left without purchasing anything, only to be continually bombarded with adverts of that particular online store in other areas around the web. That is unlikely to be a coincidence, and it is as a result of such an experience that you can probably begin to appreciate the potential value of site-based retargeting as a means to be more effective at recruiting staff.
Examples of sites that match this form of targeting i.e. display ads and that could produce the greatest opportunity for recruiters such as Webrecruit Ireland to attract the right market of candidates, include online career advice portals, university students’ union websites and newspaper websites… the possibilities really do seem to be endless. The majority of candidates browsing such sites will be passive and will inevitably be considering their career options and the sight of Webrecruit Ireland’s brand name, colours and branding once more may just inspire them into sending a speculative application.
In order to back up the use of display ads on neighbouring sites, tempting prospective candidates into visiting your site will tend to work more in your favour with greater social media engagement and regular updates on the company’s development/progression. The increasing trend for recruiters to use retargeting corresponds with the broader tendency to make the staff recruitment process more social and user friendly for visiting candidates will pay off in the long run.
Even if you don’t initially use site-based retargeting for your recruitment campaign, its ever-greater prominence makes it well worth getting to know as part of the wider context of sourcing both passive and active candidates. Webrecruit Ireland will keep you updated on the latest recruitment advertising possibilities through on-going blog content so stay tuned and keep checking in with us.

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