Don’t underestimate the personal touch when recruiting

UntitledThe hiring process can often feel like a very soulless one. Comparing CVs and assessing the grades and qualifications of individual candidates can sometimes seem a lot more like a science than an art.
However, by looking more carefully at the people and personalities behind those CVs, you could gain a much greater – and therefore more valuable – insight into your candidates.

Remember that you are in the people business 

All businesses have particular requirements – but, perhaps, in your diligent efforts to make sure that your recruitment practices are conducive to those requirements, you have overlooked a little something.
That something is that your company is nothing without its workers. No matter what sector your business is in and what it provides, your business has to be its people… to at least some extent.
Your television or phone, for example, has not just appeared from thin air; many people have been involved in making it, from its initial concept and design to assembly and packaging.
Ultimately, behind every successful organisation, brand or product is a team of people, as you will soon discover when seeking to recruit new talent for your company – hence why so many hiring managers frequently cite ‘cultural fit’ as one of their uppermost priorities.
For these reasons, you could certainly be surprised by how much you learn about a candidate by thoroughly interviewing and getting to know them, rather than simply looking over a Word document entitled ‘CV’.

The other merits of getting personal 

Another advantage of deeply exploring a candidate’s personality, rather than just their paper qualifications, is the potential for spotting issues that could otherwise elude your notice.
On the flipside, you could find that some individuals who don’t immediately seem a promising fit for your company and role ‘on paper’ suddenly appear to have something invaluable to offer once you talk to them.
Such candidates could, for example, become a very useful industry contact, or prove their worth for a different vacancy of yours at a later date.
Here, we have detailed just some advice for success when it comes to staff recruitment in Ireland. We regularly add further tips to our blog here at Webrecruit Ireland – and we would certainly urge you to contact us if you require more tailored services and guidance related to your hiring process.

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