Why you mustn’t confuse employee perks with company culture

Recrutiment-advertising1-300x225Building a pleasant corporate culture can feed a lot into your Irish company’s success. It can boost your firm’s productivity, reputation and as a result, ability to attract the best talent.
However, business managers and HR teams too commonly confuse perks with culture; here is why you shouldn’t, and how you can get ahead of the competition through knowing the difference.

A few examples of corporate perks

When seeking to bolster your ranks, you will naturally wish to attract the most skilled workers in your field. To this end, you might set up an on-site recreation room where your employees can spend breaks nibbling snacks, playing ping-pong and casually chatting. You may also allow your staff to work remotely, such as from home, one day a week.
However, exciting though these little extras can be and however successful they may prove in attracting promising new people to your team, you mustn’t assume that you are developing a company culture through these modest measures alone.
You should also resist thinking that these moves will greatly help you to keep employees once they are on your payroll. The right culture, rather than merely perks, will better cater to what your workers ultimately want.

So, what do workers really want?

Your employees will want to feel that they genuinely belong to and are useful to your organisation. They will want the sense that they are making a difference, developing and growing. A pleasing culture can give them all of this – with the resulting sense of ownership satisfying them much more deeply than winning the occasional game of ping-pong in the break room.
By rethinking how you manage meetings, organise your company’s hierarchy and interact daily with staff, you can build a culture where your workers consider their opinions heard and valued and they are empowered to make creative or even risky decisions. You should also make clear that you are eager for them to develop their abilities, instead of leaving them stagnating.

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