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If there is one thing we know Irish people are good at, it’s eating. We are a land of foodies and the emerging talented chefs in both Belfast and Dublin are taking the critics by storm. New, fresh flavours and different concepts but at the heart lies amazing, hearty and delicious food. Today we thought we would look at some of our favourite places to dine. We are lucky to be based in both Belfast and Dublin so we regularly get to experience the best food that both cities have on offer. We hope these give you some ideas for a fun date night, business meeting or family lunch.
Belfast’s food scene has been buzzing over the past number of years. Many of the new, successful restaurants pride themselves on using local ingredients to create a unique menu. Ox, based across the road from the Waterfront Hall (on Oxford Street- see what they did there?),  is well known for this concept. Their menu is precise and every dish is as tasty as the next. They offer a value lunch which is great for all looking for quality in a handy City Centre location. The lunch menu has 3 options for starter, main and dessert which all incorporate the best produce of the season. Our advice is to make sure you book early- it’s known for being very busy so don’t let yourself be disappointed!
Another restaurant which is known for its great commitment to local product is James Street South. Brain-child of Niall McKenna, the restaurant offers beautiful food in a stunning setting. James Street South is well known as a critics favourite and every Wednesday they invite people to experience their food at the “Critics Table”. The Critics Menu is determined by seasonal produce and they ask that feedback is given on the food- a great experience for all budding food columnists. The restaurant also offers a private dining area which would be the perfect location for a low-key wedding.
A restaurant that both Belfast and Dublin have in common is the Mourne Sea Food Bar. A huge hit in Belfast with locals and tourists alike, the Dublin branch has taken the same concept of using the local catch and other delicious seafood to create a delectable menu. The restaurants are simple and bright with the food being the real superstar in this concept. The Web Recruit Team are big Mourne Sea Food Bar fans- the oysters have been both a delicious and hilarious experience on nights out! (We are starving writing this!) 
In Dublin, there are two stand-out restaurants that we have experienced. Firstly, Roly’s in Ballsbridge is somewhat of an institution. Opened in 1992, the downstairs cafe is perfect for a quick lunch with the family or brunch with friends whereas the upstairs restaurant offers a more formal experience. Offering a wide array of tastes, Roly’s is a great choice for those heading out with a big group of people with a variety of palates. Make sure to try the Creme Brûlée- still the best we’ve tasted!
Finally, Sabor Brazli is the place you want to head in Dublin if you want to impress your other half. The visually stunning restaurant is intimate and focusses on Brazilian flavours. They only cater for tables of two allowing you to experience their food offering in the most relaxed of environments. If you are steak fan, this is somewhere you really need to visit. The 7 course menu focuses on the six tasting senses which makes it clear to see why it’s been consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in Dublin.
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