5 ways to build the right company culture

working with peopleAny company that frequently uses recruitment firms in Ireland like Webrecruit Ireland will probably come to realise the importance of employer branding. But does your actual company culture match that branding?
Creating an effective company culture is all about ensuring that your organisation’s values and beliefs are reflected in how it is run, and what it is like to work there.
Here are five ways to build a consistent, long-lasting and impactful company culture.

1. Create a manifesto

Don’t leave your current employees in any doubt about what your firm is supposed to be about. Include a detailed manifesto in the employee handbook. Read it out at the first staff meeting of every year. Get new hires to say they’ll honour it. Do everything possible.

2. Get your staff involved

Explain to your staff how your company culture plays a crucial role in its success. Invite them to work hard to protect that culture. Use rewards programs and employee events to drum that culture into every current and new staff member.

3. Incorporate your core values into your job descriptions and review process

Make prospective and existing employees alike absolutely aware of the importance of your company culture by making it a part of your job descriptions and even the wider annual review process.
Teamed with a built-in culture training program for your most recent recruits, such measures will really help you to drum in those wanted behaviours.

4. Culture hiring, skills training

When you’re hiring someone, look for the attitudes and behaviours that support your company culture, rather than necessarily the right skills.
Why? Well, your new hire will already fit in much better with your company if they have the right personal beliefs, and you can always teach them any skills that they are short of. It is much harder to recruit an appropriately-skilled person and make them fit in with your company if they simply do not share your culture’s values.

5. Share your vision

The building and protection of the right company culture is vital to putting your organisation on the right path for the future. If you want to help your staff to understand how important it is, there’s nothing quite as powerful as sharing what you want the end result to be.
Getting your employees to share your vision will inspire them to work harder for you to make it a reality.
With the right company culture, you’ll both attract and retain more of the best and most suitable talent, guiding your organisation to new heights of success. Contact Webrecruit Ireland, one of the major recruitment firms in Ireland, for more help achieving your company goals.

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