3 Technology Tools for Small Business Recruitment

shutterstock_233848510Technology is increasingly becoming a vital part small business recruitment and it is also fundamental when it comes to finding the best talent, quickly. The hiring decision that you make will ideally be the right one, the first time round, avoiding a repeat of an expensive staff recruitment campaign.

This is why you need the right recruitment technology. Small businesses will particularly benefit from recruitment software, due to a smaller amount of resources and potentially a not-so-known employer brand.

Small Business Recruitment Technology

The following three recruitment tools are what your SME could be missing out on:

1. Applicant tracking system (ATS)

To avoid time, hassle and potential confusion being spent during your recruitment process, the right ATS can be extremely beneficial. The ATS is your software starting point; however it is important to remember that different applicant tracking systems will suit different companies.

These innovative recruitment methods can provide plenty of benefits. From implementing upgrades and refreshing hardware, to posting your adverts on social media and job boards, these types of systems can even sift through and rate your applicants for you.

2. Screening software/video interviews

There are some great cloud-based ATSs, and with that some useful virtual screening and interviewing software. This allows a streamlined process for both, which is beneficial for both you and the candidate.

This software is a great tool for creating interview questions, which can be emailed to multiple candidates. These interviews can then be shared, reviewed and commented on easily.

3. Onboarding software

So is there such a thing as a software tool for onboarding? There is, and it’s a great instrument assisting with heavy and time consuming paperwork and compliance activities. This in turn allows for more time to be spent on helping new hires settle in – an area not covered by software.

What is key here is the quicker you can process the new employee, the quicker they can begin adding value to your organisation. Value you can not put a cost on.

Finding top talent isn’t always easy, but the tools mentioned can make a real difference to your small business recruitment strategies. Get in touch with Webrecruit Ireland today to see how we can empower your recruitment needs.

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