Why should I buy an Applicant Tracking System?

shutterstock_225190324Do you ever feel frustrated with a ton of spreadsheets and an inbox full of job applications? It may be time to look at recruitment software as a solution.
Applicant tracking systems can deliver a whole host of benefits to your business, including improving your time to hire and reducing costs,
Any HR professional will know that the first step before purchasing is to carry out the necessary research. With such a large variety of applicant tracking systems to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to begin or what to look for.
So considering this, Webrecruit have put together a simple introduction to the ATS to help you when choosing the right recruitment software for your business.

What is an Applicant tracking system?

An ATS is one aspect of a recruitment software package, which can be bought either on its own or offered with a career site. This software can automate your recruitment process, allowing you to gather your applications, and set up auto responses to your candidates. An applicant tracking system will transform the ability to manage recruitment in a way which delivers an efficient and cohesive solution.

What to Consider When Purchasing an ATS – 5 Aspects

1. Mobile optimised solution

With statistics revealing that over 72% of job seekers use a mobile device to search for jobs, having a mobile solution that allows candidates to search and apply is highly recommended. Mobile optimisation means a better experience online for the job seeker, which can affect the rate of applications that you are receiving.

2. Data organisation

So you have purchased your new ATS, and now it is time to look in to managing your new talent pool. It is important to look at how candidate data is stored and whether it is secure, and assess the ease of searching for and emailing your candidates.

3. Reporting

The ATS reporting ability is a key aspect of the software. Such reports will provide you with the data needed to determine and solve inefficiencies whilst reducing costs in your recruitment process. From the application source to your time-to-hire, the ATS can offer a wealth of data. Where there are multiple users of your applicant tracking system within a HR team, it is worth looking at the ability to report on each user’s performance.
Whilst looking at different ATSs for your business, ensure you have the capability to tailor your reporting to the needs of your organisation.

4. Social reach

What social reach does your ATS provider give you? If your social networks are established, these audiences will be expecting to hear about your latest vacancies. But what social channels are relevant to you? They may not all be applicable, so ensure to opt in to the channels that are important to your organisation and check that the ones you are not using won’t incur extra costs.

5. Overall usability

Usability is a crucial factor when choosing your ATS. Many providers will boast high level enterprise solutions, but sometimes the basic functions on usability can be lost along the way. Your solution needs to be simple for new starters, but at the same time deliver all the detailed reports that you will need.

Remember; don’t just take someone’s word for it

If you aren’t able to demo recruitment software, it’s better to hesitate before purchasing. All providers will tell you that their option is the best choice, but without testing it you won’t be able to tell if it is right for your business.
Whilst demoing the software, check out the application process from the candidate side, particularly if you are looking at a mobile solution.
Investing in a new applicant tracking system is a big decision, but following these buyer tips will help you with this challenge. It is important to remember that a good provider will work with you to explain the solution in detail, without pushing to make the sale.
Webrecruit’s custom recruitment software is WR Fusion, which is designed to increase the efficiency of your recruitment processes. Our software delivers a single platform, which allows you to attract, manager and recruit your candidates.

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