Why you need to stop using spreadsheets to manage your recruitment

cutting-up-document-BSAre you still using Excel spreadsheets to manage your recruitment? With the recent advances in the capability of recruitment technology, many HR professionals are embracing recruitment software over paper-based methods. And, with data revealing that 88% of spreadsheets contain errors (according to Market Watch), it is not surprising that many are turning to more reliable systems.
Whilst spreadsheets provide teams with a place to track data manually, such as spend, they are unable to allow you to interpret findings and identify cost savings. Fundamental aspects you need to transform your in-house recruitment campaigns.
Here are 5 reasons why using specific recruitment software, such as an applicant tracking system, is more beneficial than using dated spreadsheets:

1. Organise your data with ease

The internal set up of an ATS allows you to group your candidates into numerous categories, including by location, skill set or sector, allowing you to sift with ease through your talent pool when required.

2. Identify bottlenecks

Is something (or someone) holding up your vacancy requisition process? Recruitment technology allows you to translate your admin-heavy processes, generating automated reports telling you what’s holding up your process. (Ever seen Excel sheets do this?)

3. All your data in one place

With an ATS, searching through multiple spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Easily allocate the details you need using data stored in one place that’s accessible to everyone.

4. Don’t just record data… analyse it

Unlike an Excel spreadsheet, an ATS allows you to create bespoke reports suited to your hiring needs, meaning you can analyse data not just record it. This makes identifying where you are wasting money simple.

5. Put an end to manual inputting

The integration capability of an applicant tracking system allows busy HR teams to move away from manually inputting data into spreadsheets. All your candidate data is automatically pulled through to your recruitment software platform, saving you hours of manual work.
These are just 5 benefits from a long list that you can expect when you embrace recruitment software. If you are looking to wave goodbye to legacy methods and would be thankful to put an end to long and complex formulas, consider recruitment software for your business.

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