6 ways to be creative with your recruitment ads

6-ways-to-be-creative-with-your-recruitment-adsYou’re likely to spend a lot of time and money on your recruitment advertising in Ireland, so what’s the point of making your recruitment ads indistinguishable from the competition? The truth is that you need to attract attention – the right kind of attention – and there are many great ways of doing that.
It’s not just about the text, but the visual content too. Have a go with the following creative ideas.

1. Give your candidate a challenge

Does your job require a good standard of written communication? If so, why not insert misspellings in your recruitment ad and challenge the candidate to find them when replying to you? You could do a similar trick if you require someone good at mathematics, for example.

2. Show them what they could be

Contrast what your target candidate may be now, and what they could be. Show that even an ordinary person like them could be extraordinary if they take your job. A good example of this was a recent NHS recruitment advert with the text Change your career. Work as a Healthcare Assistant.

3. Make good use of humour

Who doesn’t want a candidate with a good sense of humour? If so, why not appeal to that with your recruitment ad? At worst, it’ll probably raise a chuckle in your candidate, and will certainly make your company seem like a fun place to be.

4. Mention the negative stuff

It seems counter-productive, but it’s also worked for many companies. Referring to the worst aspects of the job – such as the rushing deadlines and demanding colleagues – will certainly cut down on those less serious applicants.

5. Be honest about the job

More than a few writers of recruitment ads are sick of mutton being dressed as lamb. If you’re the same, you might write an ad full of no-nonsense humour and personality, stressing that it’s a no-nonsense role – not the position of CEO at a major multinational.

6. Play on their present unhappiness

It’s no secret that many people in this world just aren’t content with their job. So why not draw attention to that, while suggesting where your role could take them?
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