How to strike it lucky with your job advert

CV magnifying glassNot all recruitment advertising in Dublin is equal. While some job adverts draw in lots of candidates, but none that are completely suitable for the role, others may attract a smaller number of candidates who really are ready to jump in and make an impact straight away.
Wouldn’t you prefer the latter rather than the former situation with your own recruitment advertising? We reckon so.
Here are some tips on how to write a job advert that allows you to attract gold immediately – while repelling those less suitable candidates.

1. Be as detailed as possible

The more detail there is in your job advert, the less scope there is for interpretation – and misinterpretation. Be vague, and you’re more likely to attract candidates who don’t quite hit the spot. So instead, be extremely specific – about the role’s day-to-day duties, required experience and more.

2. Make the location and salary clear

If you’re based in a rural or otherwise isolated location, far away from any public transport, there’s not much point in candidates applying that lack their own wheels. Many recruiters are also hesitant to stipulate a salary, given that it will put off candidates – but when you only want to find the most relevant people, isn’t that a good thing?

3. Flaunt your company’s personality

Does your firm have a distinct personality or voice? If so, show it in your recruitment advertising. Let’s face it – there will always be some candidates who ‘get’ your brand messages and values, and others who don’t. You need to make sure that whoever you attract would actually fit in with your company culture.

4. Provide a relevant job title

If there’s an exception to the above advice of injecting some personality into your recruitment advertising, it’s the job title. This is one area where what you state needs to reflect the reality and seniority of the role. Don’t be tempted by the ‘quirkier’ job titles that will simply come across as a bit naff and unprofessional.

5. Choose the right platform for your advert

Is a general online job board the right place for your advert, or would that simply attract too many of the general labour force? If it’s more specialised, in-depth skills that you need, then you may be better served by the more niche boards for your sector.
We reckon the above tips make great starting points for creating a truly effective job advert. Talk to Webrecruit Ireland now about how you can really get the most out of your recruitment advertising in Dublin.


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