How to Write an Effective Job Advert

Attracting the right people is the time-consuming objective of many a hiring manager, which is why your recruitment strategies need to be on point. Before your firm communicates in any other way with a candidate, they will encounter your job board advertising and immediately begin to come to conclusions on your company and vacancy. Therefore, you want job adverts that will get the right attention.
However, what’s the point of making your recruitment ads indistinguishable from the competition? When it comes to a successful recruitment advertising campaign, there are key aspects that must be considered. So, Webrecruit Ireland looks at what your job advert needs to make an instant impact and attract the most suitable candidates.

Introduce your company

When we say “introduce”, we do mean “introduce” – don’t make your job adverts all about you. Instead, aim to give your candidates a sense of what’s in it for them – the company philosophy, culture, achievements and other things that would actually make them want to work for you.
Sum it up in a paragraph at the top of the advert, or separated across the start and end of your posting and get on with explaining the actual job.

Be concise and direct

The reader of your job advert needs to be immediately told, in no uncertain terms, what your role actually requires. In order to improve the quality of your applications, it is important that your job advert is focused and precise – in turn, you can quickly begin separating the more suitable from the less suitable candidates.
Make clear exactly what the absolutely-must-have requirements are– a certain degree perhaps, or a certain level of experience, or certain soft/technical skills. However, also ensure that you have set out the difference between these and any extra desired candidate characteristics that, while useful to have, wouldn’t be deal breakers.
Make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for in an applicant, and state it. There are few things more damaging to your campaign that a vague job advert.

Have your ad checked by someone else

Another pair of eyes really can make an immense difference. After all, you are showing the ad to other people on a job board so you will need to get a sense of how other people interpret it.
Do any rewriting, refining and editing that you need to do now, and ask for feedback again before posting it to a job board for the public’s gaze. Remember that your company’s professional reputation is affected by any sloppiness in what you write!
When posting the perfected job advert, ask yourself if the advertising is being posted to the right job boards? By “right”, we mean the places where your dream candidates are most likely to be. Consider various alternative places to post your ad in the context of your budget. Remember that it’s all about getting more of the right eyes on your ad.
Should you ever require assistance in composing an effective job advert, Webrecruit Ireland would always welcome an opportunity to speak to you to find out and discuss what methods would work best for you.

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