Three Reasons Why You Need an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

There are few things as frustrating as a ton of spreadsheets and an inbox full of job applications. However, an applicant tracking system presents a range of benefits including an improvement in your time to hire and a reduction in costs.
So, what exactly is an applicant tracking system?
An ATS is an aspect of a recruitment software package which can be bought on its own or offered with a career site. This software enables you to gather applications and set up auto-responses to your candidates. A fully integrated ATS, such as Webrecruit Ireland’s Fusion, will ultimately transform the ability to manage recruitment with an effective solution.
Here are three benefits of incorporating an applicant tracking system into your recruitment process:

Data Organisation

Using an ATS is a fantastic way to become more efficient. All your recruitment campaigns and candidate data is stored in one easily accessible hub – this simplifies the recruitment process and keeps your records organised.
As an ATS allows you to keep all applications in one portal, the need for separate emails being sent out to candidates is reduced. You can pull and produce tailored reports and in turn send auto-response emails, keeping applicants in the loop about their progress.

Saves Time and Money

With the data being organised, your business can benefit from a reduction of administrative tasks that can be easily automated. Candidate tracking will alert any new applications which is ideal if you are under pressure to meet HR deadlines.
Although an ATS may seem expensive in the short-term, it brings huge value to your business. For many organisations, it allows them to bring more of their recruitment in-house and reduces their usage of recruitment agencies.

Improvement Of Candidate Experience

Due to the rise of mobile device usage and candidates searching for jobs on the go, it is essential that you can offer a mobile-optimised solution.
With an ATS, you can create a mobile-optimised application process and allow potential candidates to apply with ease, directly through their mobile devices. Giving candidates this option will shorten the application process, delivering a great candidate experience and in return, cut your time to hire.
We would like to wish you the best with your recruitment efforts. Should you ever require additional support or guidance on implementing an applicant tracking system, Webrecruit Ireland would always welcome an opportunity to chat to you and discuss what methods would work best for you.

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