What difference should Millennials make to your recruitment process?

Passive candidatesIrish businesses are becoming increasingly populated with the Millennial generation of workers – those born between 1980 and 2000. These employees have different expectations of the world of work and certainly have different aspirations, so how can you attract more of them to your company?
Millennials have a need for fulfilment in their work, as well as a connection with others in their community. Here are our tips for hooking them in when you next take out recruitment advertising in Northern Ireland.

Emphasise your use of technology

Millennials have very much grown up around the Internet, social media, smartphones and tablets, making them surely the most technologically-literate generation ever. That’s why employers looking to draw in Millennials should highlight their extensive use of technology – which you can do right from the beginning, through online pre-interview questionnaires and video interviews.

Make them feel appreciated

This new generation also differs markedly in its attitude to rewards and instant gratification. A Millennial wants to feel connected, so they will expect quick feedback on their work and signals of appreciation. You may cater for this need by adapting your review system to provide the more regular and open communication of feedback.

Encourage the right culture

The right work environment is also critical for Millennials. Such talents want a workplace that places a big emphasis on communication and collaboration, with access to both work and social spaces. On-site cafes and gyms help to strengthen the sense of community within your organisation, in addition to giving opportunities to network away from the office.

Incorporate education and development

With such a large proportion of Millennials already possessing at least one bachelor’s degree, it goes without saying that this is a highly-educated age group. Unsurprisingly, this generation has a thirst for knowledge that is never fully clenched. Organisations that are most effective in attracting these workers therefore often institute both formal and informal education and development opportunities in-house.
Every year up to about 2020 is set to see an increase in the percentage of Millennials in the labour market. This presents the typical Irish business with the challenge of adapting to what may be a very different set of concerns than was the case with previous generations.
But with Millennial workers tending to value rewarding work higher than bulging pay packets, there can be no doubt of the considerable benefits for those employers that make the right moves with this new, highly motivated generation of staff.


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