Why even unsuccessful candidates need to be treated well

interview failObviously, not everyone can get your advertised job. There’s going to be disappointment –  so what do you do with all of those unsuccessful candidates, once you have filled your position? Ask any number of recruitment agencies in Dublin, and the answer should be clear: stay in touch.
What you must definitely not do, is leave them waiting. Indeed, some organizations fail to notify their unsuccessful candidates at all. It reflects extremely poorly on them, and doesn’t just potentially deter that candidate from applying for future roles with them. After all, there’s always social media, where details of a bad experience can be communicated across the world in moments. So, don’t be that company that suffers a bad reputation due to mistreating its unsuccessful candidates.
Remember that just because the overlooked candidate wasn’t right for your company’s role, doesn’t mean that they won’t be right for others. In years to come, they could be key decision makers in your industry. You therefore need to give everyone involved – especially those reaching the final interview stage – the best possible impression by thanking them and issuing constructive feedback.
Taking these steps isn’t just about making each candidate feel a little better – it’s a key part of your employer/company branding. Your firm will have a much better reputation for making your unsuccessful candidates feel valued and letting them know that you’ll keep them in mind for future opportunities. When giving feedback, make sure it’s definitely useful. Candidates will generally always appreciate constructive criticism. What they won’t appreciate is a character assassination.
You can take a few simple steps to leaving such candidates with the best possible impression. Once you realise the person isn’t right for the role, inform them as soon as you can. Or if you think the person is a good candidate for the role but you still need to conduct other interviews, let them know they’re still in contention. This might prevent them drifting and accepting an offer with a rival.
Candidates should also be kept updated on the interview process, including the number of rounds and when each will take place. Unsuccessful candidates should be informed at the same time, before the successful applicant begins in their post. Also provide any further feedback that your overlooked candidates ask for.
Take these steps while seeking your dream candidate through Webrecruit Ireland, one of the premier recruitment agencies in Dublin and Belfast, and you’ll definitely see the benefits over the coming months and years.

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