5 personality traits to seek in a customer service recruit

employers - icon 2Throughout your online recruitment in Ireland, you’ll need to consider not just the skills and experiences of your candidates, but also what they are like as people. Certainly, if you are looking for a customer support agent, they will need to be good with other people – but what does that even mean?
Here are some of the personality characteristics that have been known to show up time and time again in a good customer service employee.

1. A problem solving nature

It’s the very nature of customer service that your staff in this area will need to constantly solve problems, so it helps to have someone who actually wants to. We’re talking about the kind of person who is stable, conscientious, a great listener and pleasant to talk to, as well as who will just go out of their way to help out other people at work or home.

2. Conscientiousness

Given that customers are getting in touch with your customer service employees to have a problem of theirs solved, it’s also vital to have someone who actually cares and takes pride in what they do. Such a person will be good at picking up the clues in the customer’s words. What they aren’t likely to do, is turn up to work late and in an unprepared and flustered state – which is important for creating the right impression.

3. Persuasiveness

A good customer service employee is also likely to have some brilliant marketing and sales skills. It’s easy to find out whether they have true persuasiveness – just ask them in the interview why you should hire them. Persuasiveness isn’t necessarily about manipulation, but instead about guiding customers in the right direction.

4. Positivity, patience and politeness

Let’s face it… having to deal with customer issues all day can take its toll on an employee’s mental health. That’s why it’s so important to employ someone who embodies the above three traits – the ‘three Ps’. Someone who can maintain these qualities under pressure and keep their cool could just be your next customer service hero.

5. Loyalty

A staff member who is loyal at your company is likely to be one who is happy at your company, and it’s this kind of employee who is most likely to make your firm’s interests one of their biggest priorities when dealing with customers. Note that this doesn’t necessarily mean defending your firm no matter what – indeed, they may apologise on your company’s behalf, even if reason is on your side, in order to placate and retain the respect of the customer.
Find these traits in your next customer service employee when you next undertake online recruitment in Ireland, and you’re already halfway to great customer service.

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