5 tips for boosting your recruitment via mobile

Recruitment firms in Northern Irelandsocial media pinterest don’t do certain things the traditional way anymore, and nor should the country’s employers when they are looking to hire.
Just consider the burgeoning field of mobile recruitment. Companies don’t hire people the same way now – for one thing, candidates are now likely to know at least something about their prospective employer before they apply for one of their vacancies.
Here are some of the ways you can connect with candidates differently with the wonder of mobile.

1. Experiment with ways of sharing company culture

Your company’s culture is such a big part of your offering to candidates – and today’s mobile technology allows them to get acquainted with that culture more easily than ever.
Mobile makes it simple and fast to communicate your company culture through a variety of communication platforms, from job boards and social media to your firm’s official blog. All manner of media – including text, photos and video – can be shared to give candidates the full picture.

2. Assess cultural fit through social media

Companies aren’t the only ones with their own ‘culture’ – the same applies to the candidates themselves. By connecting with them on social media via mobile, you can get a better sense of their thoughts, interests and activities.
Social media is great for reaching out to new candidates, and the many mobile apps for social networks allow you to do it without breaking sweat.

3. Immediately talk to candidates

Even before any CV is sent, a candidate can decide whether an application is worth their time by having a mobile or text conversation with you about the position. As they do so, you can gauge whether they’d be a good match for your vacancy. Everyone saves time and energy.

4. Request a video application… within a video

Do you need someone for a customer service role who would therefore need to be confident with face-to-face communication? A great way of filtering out less suitable candidates right from the off would be to get them to send a video application.
To make your call-out especially memorable, why not make it in a video yourself? It’s easy to record one via your mobile and post it on social media, requesting quick replies.

5. Make it easy for applicants with a mobile-optimised website

Oh, and did you know that a staggering 88% of people use mobile to search for job opportunities? That’s why it makes sense to have a fully mobile-optimised careers site, through which mobile users can easily sift through, learn about and apply for your vacancies.
It’s also why we take advantage of this huge market ourselves with a fully mobile-accessible version of our renowned WR-Fusion recruitment software.
Don’t get stuck making traditional job posts, when you can get so much more out of a dynamic, mobile-oriented recruitment strategy. Contact Webrecruit Ireland today to find out more.

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