Mobile Recruitment Survey

How Many Candidates Are You Missing Out On?

When it comes to mobile recruitment your business should consider how candidates are more likely to search. Users have a habit or browsing on the go before applying online.

Did you know that…

  • 59% of job seekers use their mobile device in the evening in a social setting to search for jobs?
  • 38% would be put off from applying for a job if a company’s site isn’t optimised.
  • 47% have downloaded a job search of job board app?
With stats such as these, Webrecruit Ireland is asking: how many potential candidates are organisations missing out on by not investing in the right mobile recruitment software?
As HR teams get busier, implementing smart recruitment technology can help automate certain processes. Leaving HR better informed about prospective talent thanks to improved reporting and data available.
The use of smartphones or tablets to shop, research and communicate with one another has become second-nature, especially within demographics who are unaware of a world where digital didn’t exist. And this development – the use of mobile devices as someone’s preferred method to research and engage – has become common practice within recruitment.
With this in mind, Webrecruit Ireland surveyed a selection of its candidates, asking them a series of questions around their behaviours when using mobile devices to search for jobs.
The survey questioned 448 candidates, and looked at ways in which they apply for jobs and what they expect to see from a business’ recruitment software offering – such as careers sites and applicant tracking systems.
Below is an infographic highlighting just a few key findings we found (which may help your case if you’re looking to invest in online recruitment software).


Interested in learning more about how recruitment software, such as mobile optimisation or investing in an applicant tracking system, can add value to your business? Visit our recruitment technology section.

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