What Do Millennials Look For In a Job Role?

 Millennial employees – roughly classified as those born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s – often, certainly not always, view their job as merely a stepping stone and a growth opportunity. Their desire for an open and limitless role can result in frequent job-hopping, as they look for their next stimulant.
Millennials have grown up in a different, altogether more digital world, and often prefer a certain working style. Businesses therefore need a fresh approach to showcase their organisations values, attitudes and lifestyles. So, what incentives will make millennials want to come and work for you rather than the competition?

1. A Flexible Work Schedule

Millennials thrive on freedom and individualism and value control over their everyday life. What does this mean? Well, say goodbye to nine-to-five work schedules.
With almost nine out of ten millennials preferring to work at times of their choosing, the traditional “9 to 5”, does not give them the flexibility that they want and require.
Although such a deviation from this time frame doesn’t work for every single sector and position, another suggestion would be the introduction of perks like flexi time or more holiday periods on the basis that work is getting done.

2. Growth Opportunities and Skills Development

Millennials are extremely ambitious and are constantly thinking about their future plans. They want more than a wage – they want to get excited about what the future holds for them at your company and offering them significant learning, development and career opportunities is a massive part of that.
Millennials are thirsty for new experiences, so if you want to keep them on board, be sure to contemplate regular changes – such as job rotation and training – to ward off burnout and boredom. By encouraging a culture of learning in the business, the millennials can add to their knowledge banks and in turn reach their career goals.

3. A Positive Work Environment

Considering we spend a large amount of our time at work, it may not come as a surprise that millennials want to enjoy as much as they can in the working environment. Millennials place a great importance on their job intertwining a professional and personal aspect, where work isn’t just work, but a place where lifestyle and interests align.
Millennials want to enjoy their work. They want to enjoy their workplace. They want to make friends in their work place. By ensuring an overall inclusive work environment, millennials will fit into your organisational puzzle and feel accepted regardless of their personality and background.
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