How to make sure your company attracts more graduates

It’s that time of the year again – hundreds of thousands of students are preparing to finish their university courses and enter the job market.
This competitive graduate recruitment market is not only challenging for jobseekers. With such a large number of graduates entering the job market, companies now have to compete fiercely with each other to attract graduates, particularly those who operate in industries requiring niche skill-sets.
So, how can you make graduate recruitment easier while keeping your hiring costs down? Read our three top tips to find out:

Visit universities to make yourself known to local students

If your business regularly finds itself on the hunt for talented graduates, it’s worth contacting your local universities and colleges to speak with final year students on relevant courses.
This will allow you to talk about the opportunities that you provide for graduates while also conveying your organisation as a reputable local employer.
Besides that, this initiative is a great way to form a future talent pool, allowing you to keep in contact and send details of any roles when they do become available. The promotion of your vacancy directly to the graduates will put your business at the forefront of their minds and, after graduation, they are more likely to approach your company.

Position the role appropriately in your job advert

When you’ve got your entire career ahead of you, nothing is more disheartening than realising that you are in a job where there’s no chance of progression.
As such, it’s important to highlight any training, development and advancement prospects within your business. Will graduates be provided with in-depth training to make them a master of their field? Will they have the chance to gain insight into other areas of your company? Or maybe they’ll take part in a development programme which will see them progress to a management-level position?
It is also important to remember that graduates are unlikely to have any real commercial experience, unless they’ve completed a year in industry as part of their degree or work placement. So, try to limit your essential criteria to a degree and a few key skills to really open your role up to the graduate market.

Embrace technology

Technology also plays a central role in attracting graduates to your business. With many graduates using mobile apps in their hunt for jobs and signalling beliefs that digital advancements will have a positive effect on their work experience, it’s clear that technology has never been more important when it comes to attracting – and retaining – university leaders.
This highlights the importance of implementing recruitment software if you wish to target the right people for your campaign. A fully integrated ATS, such as Webrecruit Ireland’s Fusion, will ultimately transform the ability to manage your graduate recruitment with an effective solution.
Attracting graduates doesn’t need to be difficult or expensive; you just need to be proactive in sourcing talent and building a strong employer brand. If you would like to find out more about how Webrecruit Ireland’s recruitment solutions can help you to attract graduates, we would always welcome the opportunity to speak with you and discuss what methods would work best for your organisation.

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