Employer Brand & EVP: A Guide

Employer Brand & EVP: A Guide


For many workers, a job is not just a job; many workers spend 40 hours a week at work and employer culture plays a key part in what attracts us to an organisation. Equally, it plays a large part in what keeps us working with an organisation and this is where Employer Branding and EVP comes in.


Many HR professionals will be acquainted with the importance of an Employer Brand and Employer Value Proposition (EVP) when recruiting and retaining, and how brand reputation can affect your ability to attract talent.


So, how do you make the most of your Employer Brand and EVP to help you recruit and retain? Read on to find out more!


Employer Brand: Work Culture & Values


It is important to encapsulate the culture of your workplace and the associated organisational values that accompany this; it is important to remember this is not a tick box exercise but an important activity through which you can engage all associates by asking for their input and ideas.


For example, you may find 3 keywords that encapsulate your organisational direction and culture, or you may decide on building this out further as part of your Employee Handbook. No matter what you do, focusing in on your work culture and values is a fruitful task and provides candidates and employees with a clear idea of where you are at and where you are heading and whether your organisation is right for them.


What Do Your Employees Think


Understanding what your employees think it is like to work for your organisation is a great way to influence and guide the positioning of your Employer Brand and EVP. You might value the progression opportunities your organisation offers but the bulk of your employees might find the flexibility in their contracted hours, for example, one of the biggest pluses of working with your organisation.


Associate Satisfaction (ASAT) surveys are a great way to gather anonymous employee feedback en masse, to understand and influence your Employer Brand and EVP. The anonymous element is important so associates feel they can be truly honest and, whilst you will likely obtain useful insight into what people love, it will also afford you an opportunity to see what your organisation could work on to improve ASAT and boost your Employer Brand.


Be Inspired & Seek Advice


Your organisation is not alone in your Employer Branding and EVP efforts, with many organisations seeing this as an area to set themselves apart in the labour market by identifying their organisational Unique Selling Points (USPs) and pushing this messaging in the candidate marketplace.


It can be worthwhile looking at what other organisations are doing regarding their positioning, benefits, roles and more; it can also be worth seeking advice from forums on the internet and reputable publications so you can obtain a feel for true best practice endeavours. It can also be worth seeking advice from an expert consultant who can give you direct access to best-practice advice and, in turn, what your organisation can do to make the most of your Employer Brand and EVP.


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