Recruitment Marketing: Optimise Your Approach

Recruitment Marketing: Optimise Your Approach


Recruitment marketing is an ever-evolving space in which best practice advice can change fast with new, emerging technologies changing the landscape overnight. Whilst some things never change in their importance when recruiting (ensuring job advertisements are accurate regarding contract hours, salary ,etc. and the wider you advertise, the wider your reach), getting creative is always a good start when optimising your recruitment marketing strategy.


So, where to start? Read on to find out more!


Think Visual Recruitment Marketing


A well written job advertisement will always be a cornerstone of many recruitment marketing strategies, attracting candidates to the role and your organisation whilst informing prospective candidates about the role in a bit more detail; it’s also worth thinking about how you can bring your job advertisement to life!


This is where you can truly get creative; many social media platforms, job sites and print publications have the capacity for pictorial, video and/or dynamic imagery and content to really allure candidates and get them to pay attention to your job advertisement and employer brand. Sometimes something as simple as transposing your logo on top of an image relating to your organisation (ideally not a stock image) and including that for a social media post of small print advert can make all the difference in making your job stand out.


Think What’s Current & What’s the Future


Undoubtedly, job advertisements on job boards and careers sites will always play a key and leading part in a recruitment marketing strategy. So, what else is available to your recruitment marketing strategy?


Many Social Media platforms continue to go from strength to strength from an audience reach and product perspective, with sponsored advertising across Facebook and LinkedIn (for example) enabling you to target both active and passive talent. Platforms like Spotify and TikTok also provide opportunities to access new and diverse audience whilst approaching your recruitment marketing in a more multi-sensory way to increase engagement.


Think About Your Brand


When getting creative, it’s also important to understand that continuity in visuals and positioning is key to have a recognisable employer brand. You need to think about the colours of your brand, what font should be used, what picture you should be using and more!


Many organisations will have brand and tone-of-voice (TOV) guidelines that will provide a framework for all creative output, ensuring anything that goes out to market is reflective of your business and is consistent with all other content. This means that across all and any platforms and publications, candidates will instantly know your employer brand from the look of your content which can support with engagement.


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