3 Key Benefits Careers Sites Can Deliver to Charities and Non-Profits

A well-designed careers site can be beneficial for any company looking to improve their recruitment efforts. However, what are the specific advantages it can deliver to charities and non-profit organisations?

With cost reduction at the forefront of the minds of charity and non-profit leaders, securing additional budget for recruitment initiatives can be a sticking point for HR teams.

However, careers sites can deliver real return for your organisation and help you overcome some of your biggest recruitment challenges.

A careers site can help your charity to:

1. Achieve greater employer brand recognition

A careers site is the ideal place to talk about your organisation’s values, mission and culture. This is even more important for charities; in fact, 77% of charities listed their organisational values as the top attraction factor for candidates, according to the CIPD’s Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey 2020.

If you’re not sure where to begin, ask your existing employees why they enjoy working for you; you could even create short videos of your colleagues talking about what it’s like to work for your organisation and host it on your careers site.

Your careers site should create a buzz about you as an employer. Make it a destination that jobseekers can visit to learn about the good work you’re doing for your cause. After all, if it’s your main selling point then you need to shout about it!

2. Improve your candidate experience

As your careers site seamlessly links to an online application form powered by your recruitment software, a much smoother experience is provided to candidates choosing to apply for a job with you.

Many charities and non-profit organisations have lengthy application forms to complete, which they require candidates to download, complete and attach to an email to send. This can be particularly difficult for candidates who don’t have access to a computer and are relying on a mobile device to submit their application.

By using a careers site and accompanying recruitment software, the application process is brought entirely online, which makes it easier for candidates to complete on a mobile device. This opens up the process to a wider range of candidates, leading us on to our third benefit…

3. Capture more talent

Jobs in the charity sector are sought after – lots of people feel passionate about charities and are seeking a job with a real purpose that gives them the satisfaction of giving something back. As such, you’ll likely have hundreds of people who are interested in working for you because they’re invested in your cause. However, with only so many jobs available, you might feel like you’re missing out on a high volume of qualified candidates.

Your careers site is a great way of capturing this speculative talent. Webrecruit’s careers sites, for example, contain functionality that allows interested jobseekers to register for job alerts with your organisation so they are notified as soon as a relevant job becomes available that matches their skill set.

We work with several charities who also use this functionality to notify their volunteers about paid positions.

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