4 Benefits of Collaborative Hiring

How many people are involved in your recruitment activities? If it’s just you, then you might want to consider making your hiring process more collaborative.

What is collaborative hiring?

Collaborative hiring is when multiple members of your business get involved in the hiring process, rather than just the hiring manager handling the assessments and interviewing.

With more people than ever working remotely, communication and collaboration between teams can suffer. However, it’s important to prioritise collaboration as it can bring huge benefits to your recruitment activities.

Why should you be focusing on collaboration within your recruitment? Webrecruit looks at how and why you should collaborate with your wider team…

1. For employer branding purposes

Working closely with your Marketing colleagues is important when it comes to employer branding initiatives as your corporate brand and employer brand should work hand-in-hand.

Whether it’s asking your Marketing team to help pull together employee-focused content or working with them to provide imagery for your careers site, it’s essential for both departments to be fully bought-in to employer branding activities and to be aligned in your company’s goals.

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2. For attracting high quality candidates

Referrals schemes allow every single person within your business to get involved with recruitment. The rollout of an effective referrals scheme can make it easier to find high quality candidates by tapping into your colleagues’ existing networks, while rewarding them for their efforts.

Collaborating with your wider team on a referrals scheme will help to not only engage your colleagues but will help you find higher quality talent, often faster and more cost-effectively.

3. For unbiased recruiting

Collaboration with other members of your team is key when making hiring decisions. Many organisations choose to involve multiple employees in the interview process to reduce the chance of unconscious bias.

Having multiple viewpoints on a candidate can help to keep focus on a candidate’s ability and skills rather than other factors, such as their likeability. This helps to ensure a fairer recruitment process for all.

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4. For the candidate experience

Inviting multiple members of your team to participate in the interview process doesn’t just help to reduce the risk of unconscious bias; it also makes for a better candidate experience.

Talking to different members of your team gives the candidate wider insight into your business and helps to form a more well-rounded view of what your company is like as an employer. It can also help with their onboarding experience (if they accept the job, of course) as they will already be familiar with multiple faces around the office.

To hire collaboratively, you need the right tools in place. Book a demo of Webrecruit ATS to find out how recruitment technology can help make collaboration easier.

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