5 Reasons to Give Your Recruitment Advertising Strategy a Spring Clean

Spring is officially here and there’s no better time to give your online recruitment advertising strategy an overhaul.

Whether you’re on a hiring freeze, a big recruitment drive or hovering somewhere in the middle amidst the uncertainty of COVID-19, now is a good time to take stock and plan the improvements you can make to your recruitment advertising, whether it’s right away or at some point in the future.

Regularly auditing the performance of all aspects of your recruitment advertising mix is the best way to make sure that your advertising is performing the best it can for your budget.

There are numerous benefits to spring cleaning your advertising strategy; Webrecruit explores the five main reasons why you should below.

1. Save money

Stop spending your budget on job boards that aren’t performing for you. Take a look at the advertising sources you’ve utilised over the past year; how effective have they been? Look at your volume of applicants and number of hires made per job board.

If your numbers show that a job board isn’t delivering, you should consider eliminating it from your recruitment advertising mix. Likewise, if a job board is performing particularly well for your organisation, you could consider buying multiple advertising credits at once as suppliers usually reduce your costs if you make a bulk purchase.

2. Save time

Negotiating with suppliers isn’t always a quick process and if you’re using multiple job boards to advertise your roles, this can end up draining a huge chunk of your time. Auditing your recruitment advertising strategy will mean you’re likely to reduce the number of suppliers you work with, reducing your administration time in the process.

Alternatively, you could consider partnering with a recruitment advertising agency, such as Webrecruit, and still have access to dozens of advertising platforms while just having to deal with one point of contact. We will do all the hard work and negotiating for you.

3. Attract different candidates by trying something new

Have you drained your talent pool dry and looking to attract different types of applicants? Now could be a good opportunity to try something different, whether it’s re-evaluating the job boards that you’re advertising on or the approach you’re taking to your job adverts.

Try advertising roles on social media or changing up your ads to attract a different type of candidate; don’t be afraid to experiment but make sure you measure your results so you can replicate campaigns in the future if they’re particularly successful.

4. Reduce candidate drop-offs

If you’re struggling to convert your advert views and clicks into actual applications, it could be time to audit your application process.

It’s important to clearly signpost apply instructions within your job advert and provide a clear call-to-action for candidates.

This is also a good opportunity to look at your application form; is it lengthy? What kind of questions are you asking? Take every opportunity you can to improve your application form. By doing so, you will encourage a larger number of applicants to complete it. For example, if you know that the majority of your applications are made using a mobile device, consider how to make things as simple as possible for mobile users.

5. Improve your quality of applicant

If you’re attracting plenty of applicants but they aren’t of a good quality, it’s worth looking at the content of your job advert and where you’re advertising it.

Your job adverts should be targeted to appeal to the most suitable candidates for the role. They should allow candidates to self-filter themselves by clearly listing what’s required of the job.

If you’re receiving dozens of unsuitable applicants per role, consider how clear the essential criteria in your job advert is. Explicitly state what’s required for the role and what isn’t. This is particularly important if you’re looking to attract someone with a niche set of skills.


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