6 Reasons Why Employer Branding Is Important

6 Reasons Why Employer Branding Is Important

Employer branding is one of those terms that gets thrown around a lot in recruitment.

There are plenty of blog posts and articles out there which talk about employer branding and how companies can improve their brand. However, the big question is why is employer branding so important?

Employer branding initiatives take time (which most HR and recruitment professionals don’t have an abundance of). So, to get buy-in for employer branding, you need to know the exact value it can bring to your business.

What are the tangible benefits of having a strong employer brand? And what are the negative consequences of ignoring employer brand development altogether?

Webrecruit has put together a list of the most important reasons why you should develop your employer brand (these can be used to help you build a case for employer branding internally).


1. A great employer brand can make up for lower remuneration

Do you find yourself often losing out on talent because you don’t have the budget to match your competitors’ salaries?

While you might not have a huge salary and bonus package to be able to offer your candidates, a strong and appealing employer brand can help to win them over.

Jobseekers look for more than just remuneration when applying for a role; if your company has a positive reputation as an employer, this can help to give you the edge in a competitive market.

Make sure that your values are communicated within your job adverts and on your careers site, as well as any lifestyle benefits, such as flexible working. Remember that money isn’t everything to candidates.


2. It can help you to retain your employees

A developed employer brand that’s communicated clearly within the recruitment process means that employees will know exactly what to expect when they start within your business.

If you don’t communicate your employer brand or set unrealistic expectations of yourself as an employer, candidates might feel confused or misled.

It’s important to be honest and open throughout the hiring process. By all means, showcase the positive parts of your company and brand that you’re proud of; however, you should also be realistic and address any issues so that candidates are fully prepared for them when they start within your business.


3. A good employer brand can reduce your costs

If you have a positive, well-known reputation as an employer then, generally speaking, you won’t need to spend as much on your recruitment advertising.

A good employer brand acts as a great advertising tool in itself; if you have a positive reputation then jobseekers will always be on the lookout for a role with you.

You can use this to your advantage by allowing candidates to register for job alerts on your website, so that when a new vacancy pops up, they’re notified straight away. You can also allow candidates to submit speculative applications, forming a talent pool that you can dip into when you need to recruit.


4. A positive employer brand can save you time

It takes much less time to fill a vacancy if you have a positive reputation as an employer.

Finding the candidates who have the right skills and experience to fill your vacancy is a feat in itself. However, no matter how much hard work you put into your candidate sourcing efforts, if you have a negative employer brand then candidates are likely to be put off working for you.

In fact, 69% of candidates would not take a job with a business that had a bad reputation, even if they were unemployed, statistics from Glassdoor suggest.


5. It shows the human side of your company

A company is so much more than their corporate website. When a candidate is considering applying for a job with you, they don’t want to see a website loaded with jargon, they want to hear about employee experiences, your culture and the things that will resonate with them and make them want to work for you.

Your employer branding efforts through careers sites and social media platforms can really help to put a face and voice behind your employer brand identity. You’ll likely have developed a corporate brand with a voice and style which should ring true to your customers. Your employer brand should do the same but to your potential employees.

Use your careers site and social media accounts to show photos and videos of your team. This will allow potential employees to visualise themselves within your offices.


6. People talk about good brands…and bad brands

A fantastic employer brand can lead to an increase in referral hires; the more employees you have who speak positively about your company, the more referrals you’re likely to receive.

However, this also works the other way. If you don’t have a great reputation as an employer, word is likely to spread quickly and candidates might be put off from applying for a role with you.


Employer branding isn’t just a buzz phrase, nor is it a passing trend; it’s something that can directly affect how successful your business’ recruitment and retention efforts are.

Find out more about how Webrecruit can help your employer branding efforts by contacting our team on 01392 823 137.

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