7 Questions you Need to Ask your Recruitment Agency

7 Questions You Need to Ask Your Recruitment Agency

As a growing business, finding the right people to help you achieve your ambitions can be tricky, costly and time consuming. Therefore, it’s no surprise that a rising number of SMEs throughout the UK are turning to recruitment agencies to help relieve the pressure.

However, with so many recruitment agencies to choose from, how can you be sure that you’re selecting the right one to match the needs of your business?

Whether you’ve worked with agencies in the past or you’ve never outsourced your recruitment, Webrecruit’s list of questions can help you determine which recruitment agency will be a perfect fit:

1. Do you have experience of successfully filling vacancies in my sector?

If you’re trying to find a candidate to fill a particularly niche position in your company, it’s definitely worth asking your recruitment agency whether they’ve worked on similar roles in the past. They may already have suitable candidates on their database which will greatly reduce your time-to-hire.

2. What job boards do you advertise on? Do you use any specialist job boards?

For a successful recruitment campaign, your job advertisement doesn’t just need to be seen by as many people as possible; it needs to be seen by the right people.

Check with your recruitment agency what job boards they use, as well as any specialist industry-specific job boards that they have access to.

3. Why do agencies offer varying levels of support?

Some agencies offer different levels of support depending on your business’ requirements, therefore finding out all of the options available to you is essential.

For example, Webrecruit’s services are fully flexible and are adaptable to suit the needs of your business and the vacancy on offer.

Depending on your time and availability, pick the option which is most suitable for you in order to get the maximum return on investment.

4. How many candidates do you have on your database?

The wider reach a recruitment agency has, the more likely they are to find the perfect candidate for you. However, remember that it’s not just numbers that are important; some agencies might have fewer candidates on their database but they might be of a higher quality.

5. Why should I choose you over other recruitment agencies?

Ask your recruitment agency what sets them apart from their competitors. Do they have access to specialist job boards? Do they offer a highly competitive rate? Will they run the campaign again for you if it’s not successful the first time? Think about your requirements and what’s important to your business and choose your agency accordingly.

6. Why do you need to write my job advert?

A web-optimised job advert is essential for candidates to find your role advertised online. With a team of dedicated copywriters, Webrecruit will produce a fully-optimised job advertisement that not only sells your role but ensures that your vacancy is seen by the right candidates.

7. What are your success rates?

The number of roles that a recruitment agency advertises each month may look impressive, however what percentage of these roles are they successful in filling? It is also worth asking the particular success rates for different job sectors – an agency might have a great success rate for marketing jobs, however that won’t necessarily help your IT vacancy.

Looking for a recruitment agency to work with? Combining wide reach, deep knowledge and cutting-edge technology, Webrecruit’s fixed-fee solution can truly revolutionise your recruitment process. Find out more.

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