Top tips for recruiting in a remote-working world (2)

Top tips for recruiting in a remote-working world

Without a doubt, the events of the last 18 months have made many organisations take stock and reflect on whether their employees need to be working in a physical office or premises when many have been able to work successfully and productively from home and remotely, and subject to that, how they should approach recruiting in a remote-working world.


There has been much-publicised debate around whether employers should or should not be asking their employees to return to the office when factoring in health and safety, productivity, travel, eco-commitments and more!


What is hard to deny is that remote/at home working on a permanent or hybrid basis is going to be a fixture for many going forwards. That should make hiring easier right? Not necessarily! Read our top tips below to find out more.


Job boards with a national reach


With your employees being able to work (almost!) anywhere in the country, you will want to work with and identify job boards that can post national campaigns that will get in front of a larger pool of candidates. With more candidates looking for remote working options, candidate searches are increasing for roles that can be based anywhere rather than a specific location. These campaigns will also appear in more searches, even if a candidate is searching in a specific location, making your job advert reach even wider.


Job boards with this functionality are not then limited to a geographical pinpoint and radius and can get your job advertisements in front of candidates, stretching from John O’Groats to Lands End in a flash!


Recruiting via Social Media Campaigns


Social media platforms provide you with a flexible and wide-reaching solution to get your job adverts in front of a geographically broad or nationwide audience through which you can also target specific skills, job profiles, interests, education and more!


Social media also provides you with the opportunity to respond to potential candidates via messenger settings, social media inboxes or even directly in the comments – Webrecruit and our client partners have noted a definite increase in questions being asked around home/remote working and being able to respond quickly via social media means you can create an instant rapport with your candidates and speed up candidate throughput.


Job Advertisement Best Practice


As we all know, job advertisements should not just detail what a potential employee would be doing in a role, but also describe your work culture, what benefits they can expect and more! This is still important when recruiting remote workers – whilst these employees may not be in the office and have access to all that free tea and coffee and fruit deliveries, let’s say, your work culture and what they can expect is still important. As an employer, you need to consider how you make that employee feel engaged with your ethics and mission statement when they could be hundreds of miles away.


It is also important to make clear that the role is remote/home working and set expectations as to whether there may be some occasional travel or regular trips to an office or client, etc. Not setting these expectations in your job advertisements could cause complaints and bad feeling later down the line which is not supportive of a positive candidate or employee experience which could result in attrition.



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