Gamification: what is it and why do YOU need it?

The application of game-like elements to business challenges is known as “gamification”. In 2011, Volkswagen Group invited consumers in China, its largest and most powerful market, to assist the company in developing new versions of the “people’s car”. Members of the public were given a tool to design their new vehicle and encouraged to post their ideas, allowing others to vote for their favourites online. The results were tracked on leader boards with both contestants and the general public keeping watch over how each competing design was progressing. Volkswagen recognised that incorporating game-like elements into their business would engage consumers and be highly beneficial to their business environment. Within 10 weeks, the campaign had received more than 50,000 ideas. By the end of the campaign’s first year, at least 33 million people had visited the site, and the general public had chosen three winning concepts.

But why is this relevant to recruitment?

Volkswagen’s dynamic thinking can be applied to your business’ recruitment process. One of the key advantages of gamification is its ability to incorporate fun into what might otherwise be monotonous and unstimulating elements of corporate strategy. Candidates or ‘gamers’ in the recruitment process are provided with incentives to do well in their job quest ‘game’.
Incorporating gamification into your hiring not only positions you as a tech-savvy and innovative employer, it also assists in detecting the candidates that are best suited to your organisation.  The ‘game-like’ situations you invent allow you to assess whether applicants boast the skills, qualities and personality required for your business. As well as this, candidates gain an insight into what everyday life in your organisation might be like.

Convinced a gamified recruitment process is for you?

There is a plethora of ways to gamify your recruitment process. Tests, games, problem solving assignments and holding interviews at various stages of the hiring process allows the recruiter to learn as much about a candidate as possible as early as possible, and all through dynamic and innovative means. In addition, candidates are consistently motivated to complete their application, as a ‘progress bar’ keeps them updated of just how close they are to obtaining their dream role. Such elements go hand in hand with recruitment software, designed to streamline your recruitment process even more. Top-quality data and regularly updated features allow you to orchestrate engaging, efficient and cost effective talent-search campaigns.
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