Is your recruitment process really cutting it?






In an ideal world, high rates of employee turnover simply would not exist. In reality, many businesses are faced with regular, disruptive and costly levels of staff departures. An increasing number of businesses fail to see that the hiring process is a crucial process. An excellent recruitment strategy not only attracts the right candidates, but also dramatically increases employee retention. Maybe it’s time to ask your business, “Are we hiring the right people?” If the answer is yes, but you’re still experiencing steady rates of labour turnover, then you need to ask yourself that question again. If the answer is no, maybe it’s time to assess your hiring process. What are you doing that isn’t working?

Webrecruit Ireland has come up with 5 possible suggestions.

You aren’t finding out the nitty-gritty in job interviews

The purpose of a job interview is to find out as much about a candidate as possible. By the end of the interview you should have gained an understanding of the candidate’s character; how do they think and what do they value? Most importantly, you should know if they could slot into your business nicely and be beneficial. Therefore, it is essential that you don’t just ask closed-ended technical questions based on a candidate’s CV. Try and establish a real dialogue and get to know exactly who it is you are talking to.

Your job descriptions aren’t up to scratch

Job descriptions that work are detailed, highly specific and give the applicant a sense of what it would be like to work at your company and be part of your brand. If your job descriptions fail to do this… maybe it’s time to rethink!

You haven’t branched out enough

Supporting the local community is great and employing local candidates might ensure everyone makes it into work on-time. The best people for your company, however, could be living up to 30 miles away. Don’t ignore them. Instead, sell them the opportunity of relocating.

Your application process is tedious

Avoid long and boring application processes that result in heavy drop-off rates. The application process should be streamlined and informative, allowing candidates to apply easily and to be regularly updated on their progress.

Your recruitment software is non-existent

Do you have a recruitment software in place? The most efficient recruiters will use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to monitor the recruitment process. Don’t have one? Then it’s time to explore Webrecruit Ireland’s Fusion Technology. Fusion software allows your business to source, manage and recruit high calibre candidates with ease.

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