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Lighten Your HR Workload with an ATS

Busy-HR-professional-300x300Of all of the British workers who could legitimately claim to be overworked, HR managers surely must be near the top of the list. From managing relations between employees and ensuring legal compliance to making policy recommendations as well as, of course, actually hiring people, there’s a lot for any high-ranking HR professional to think about.
HR departments becoming overstretched is precisely why it makes sense for many to invest in the right recruitment software, like our own Fusion solution here at Webrecruit Ireland.
The following are a few possible signs that now is the time for your company to invest in such software, to enhance your direct sourcing strategy. [For more tips like these, check out our latest eBook, The In-House Direct Sourcing Guide].

1. Hints of dissatisfaction

No worker wants to come across as whinging about their workload. They might say that a project’s completion was delayed because they were busy all day sifting through job applications. Or they may refer to the extra hours they needed just to get their normal workload done.
That’s why your employees may not complain outright, but instead drop subtler hints of frustration.

2. Quality of work is lower

Even the best-organised HR employee will find themselves buckling if there just isn’t the time during the working day to do all of the things that they need to do. Their work may deteriorate as a result, which could mean poorer quality hires.

3. Stressed or unwell employees

With statistics suggesting that many of us have previously called in sick even when we were simply stressed, it’s vital to consider the demands being placed on your workers if they are to stay fully productive.

4. Apathetic attitudes

HR work demands enthusiasm and determination. If, therefore, your normally upbeat and positive staff member seems increasingly disengaged and apathetic, they may not be enjoying their job as much as they used to.
That may indicate an employee drowning in job applications or overloaded with especially time-consuming and tedious hiring tasks.

How an ATS can transform your recruitment

What’s the answer? We’d like to suggest our acclaimed Fusion recruitment software. Such software, incorporating an applicant tracking system (ATS), automates the hiring process to relieve your HR staff of the more burdensome manual tasks.
Our ATS is perfect for managing the wealth of information related to the recruitment process, including such document types as printed CVs, spreadsheets and online applications. It’s even great for building talent pools and generating detailed reports.
It all adds up to a much more efficient and streamlined recruitment process – and lower blood pressures for your previously overworked HR department.

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