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Employee Spotlight: Developing at Webrecruit

Matt HildredMatt Hildred, Webrecruit’s CTO, has played an instrumental role in the development of our Applicant Tracking System, Webrecruit ATS, and has expanded its functionality significantly over the past two years.


After leaving my previous role at a gaming company, I wasn’t sure what my next career move would be. I’d worked my way up from Junior Developer to Senior Developer and, finally, to Development Lead throughout my 14 years at the business. I knew that I didn’t want to work in the games industry anymore but I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to take in the future.

I already had four other job offers on the table when I interviewed at Webrecruit. I had been holding out for this role in particular because the opportunity sounded so interesting. It’s not very often you get to develop an existing piece of software from a relatively early stage to something much bigger; the challenge on offer was really exciting.

Since joining Webrecruit, I’ve transitioned from Lead Developer to CTO. I manage the output of the Development team, triage any bugs that come in, set up new releases and plan the future architecture of the system.

The best thing about developing at Webrecruit has to be the potential in our product and the people we have working on it. When I first saw the software I’d be developing, I knew the potential it had; not just with future functionality but also with possible integrations with other products, and how we could make it stand out from the rest of the systems on the market.

Our Development team is great; it has a laid-back culture and Webrecruit provides the flexibility to work remotely. We all maintain contact via Slack and have daily 10 minute update calls to make sure we’re on track but our Developers are given the freedom to work autonomously; I don’t believe in micro-management.

We’re now growing our Development team significantly – whether you want to work in our Head Office in Exeter or work remotely, we’re looking for Developers of all levels with C#, ASP.NET, MVC, JavaScript and HTML skills.

Our product is growing at a rapid rate and you’ll have the chance to get stuck in right away. There’s always plenty of interesting work going on and it’s a great time to join the team as we start to expand. 2018 has already been a mammoth year in terms of new developments and releases and I am excited about what’s to come next year.


Want to find out more about developing at Webrecruit? Check out our latest opportunities on our careers site.

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