5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Website Design

5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Recruitment Website Design

Many businesses do not have physical shop windows or premises with a high footfall of potential candidates in which to display job advertisements and opportunities they may be recruiting for.

With more jobs now coming onto the market, making sure that your recruitment website design is presented as your digital ‘shop window’ and fit for purpose is more important than ever.

Here are some quick tips about how to optimise your recruitment website design to attract and engage with candidates.

1. Images of your employees

When landing on a careers site, it can be tempting to use stock images to reflect ‘your’ people. The issue with this is stock images can look exactly like…stock images. Best practice is to have pictures and videos of your employees on your landing page, so your careers site is genuinely reflective of your people, and the people who fulfil your company’s objectives every day.

2. Embed videos in your recruitment website design

Like buying a house, many people can make their minds up quickly whether they are interested in a company; therefore, having a careers site that makes an impact is vital.

A great way to achieve instant engagement is to utilise videos on your site – these could be short interviews with your employees, quick video tours of your offices, or even a message from the CEO! Aim to engage with candidates in ways that can be more impactful than just reading text.

3. Attract, not overload, with text

We are passionate about where we work, and sometimes that can translate into a flurry of words as we set out to sell our companies as places to work. Does this put candidates off instead of getting them to apply for your roles?

Sometimes, yes. Your job advertisements and job descriptions may be detailed but remember your recruitment website is central to presenting candidates with highlights of your business, your roles, and your company’s values. A careers site should peak a candidate’s interest so they are propelled to find out more about your company, rather than being put off by a burden of information.

4. Layout & accessibility

A smooth candidate journey is important when securing applications and the best talent – a major stumbling block can be a careers sites layout and accessibility, so these are important to consider.

Does your careers site flow well from one section to another? Is it clearly signposted? Is it accessible or modifiable for those who may be visually impaired? These are important considerations as usability is key, as well as easily being able to access information about your company and the roles you are hiring for.

5. Gain feedback from candidates and recent hires

Who better to obtain insight from regarding your careers site and application process than candidates and your recent hires? Their experiences can help you transform your recruitment website design, or even just make the odd tweak here and there to improve the flow of your online application forms.

Fundamentally, these are the people who have most recently engaged with your brand from a recruitment perspective so collecting, collating and analysing their feedback can you help you ensure your online ‘shop window’ is fit for purpose.


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