Showcase your work culture via Job Adverts - here is how!

Showcase your work culture via Job Adverts – here is how!

When thinking about what you need to include in a job advertisement, naturally, there is a default thought process which focuses on describing what the role is and then what you are looking for from the ideal candidate.

What can sometimes be forgotten is why a candidate should want to work for your organisation.

Salary, benefits and working hours are all important to candidates. What is also important to candidates is working for a company whose values they share and can thrive. You should also think about how you are selling your company, not just how you are selling the role.

So, what do I need to consider within my job advertisements?

Company values

Many organisations have company or corporate values which provide a framework of how their people can expect to be treated, what they should work towards and how a business interacts with their customers or clients. If you have these defined, it is worth including these in your job advertisements to help give your employer brand a voice from the get-go. This also helps candidates get into the mindset of your business before they even join your organisation.

Why do you like working where you do?

Whilst you want to pitch the role to the right audience, and you may work in a different department or role to the job you are advertising, take stock and think about what you enjoy about working where you do? Is it the people? Progression opportunities? The array of work you do? The personal touch always makes a difference!

Your word/s

Your company or corporate values provide you with some text, think about what word or words sum up your organisation. Do you work for an ambitious start-up? Do you have an entrepreneurial culture? Is employee development at the core of what you do? Find your words and make those the core of what you are putting together for consistency in tone.

Quote your people

A great tip is to get quotes from your people, tenured to new-starters, to find out what they love about the workspace and culture itself and better yet, include the quotes in your job advertisements. As the adage goes, ‘people buy from people’, and utilising your greatest asset is a wonderful way to leverage interest and the personal touch in your recruitment advertising.

Evolution & Continuous Improvement

Many companies are continually evolving and adapting, and the key stakeholders in this change are your people. So, when thinking about hiring, also think about what you are wanting from a new employee to contribute to your work culture and what impact they themselves can make. This helps candidates visualise how they could both fit into your organisation and what they can bring to help move it forwards, so this is worth including in your recruitment marketing plan.



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