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A guide to hiring well for undefined roles

Recruitment isn’t straightforward even when all of the factors are on your side – for example, when you know exactly what kind of person you need on your team, and a clear vision for how they will fit into your wider organisation.

Sometimes, though, not even these things are true. You might just need an extra body in your office – someone who can carry out all manner of miscellaneous tasks that other employees don’t have the time or know-how to take on.

In the latter situation, you’ll need to consider the following aspects.


What are your strategic objectives?

This might seem a broad question when you seemingly require just one more person to help out with all manner of general things.

However, a strategic plan – and a careful review of that plan – will enable you to tease out the general skills and experiences that you need to pursue in any new employee.


Consider what gaps your current team has

A review of your strategic plan should be matched with a review of your present team. What skill sets do you already have in good supply, and are these continuing to add value?

This process will almost certainly throw up certain gaps – defined as areas of skills where you presently lack the appropriate people for the job.

This, in turn, will enable you to make a better-informed hire even if you remain uncertain about what a lot of their responsibilities will be.


Look at what your rivals are doing

Even after you have taken the above steps, it may seem far from obvious to you which gaps you should prioritise.

In this case, taking a look at your competitors and peers in the industry could help to give you some insight. What are their hiring campaigns focused on, and does your firm need to target similar individuals and positions if it is to remain at the top of its game?


Target the right person with the right soft skills

No one that you hire is going to be an unthinking automaton, so it isn’t going to be only hard skills that you need to think about.

In any case, choosing someone with the most useful soft skills only becomes even more important when the more specialised qualities needed for a position aren’t strongly defined.

Does a given candidate possess the creativity, for example, that will enable them to continually come up with new ways to define their role and add value?

We would always advise you to hire the best available person and adapt the role to them, instead of the other way around. This way, even as their role changes over time, they will continue to be an asset to your company.

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