A few things you shouldn’t see on a CV

A few things you shouldn’t see on a CV

Given all of the applications you are likely to receive for your firm’s positions each week – whether or not you also make them more manageable with Webrecruit ATS or one of the other leading applicant tracking systems – it’s understandable that a few of the classic ‘red flags’ can escape your notice.

So, here are just some of the things the CVs of your favoured candidates probably shouldn’t have.

Employment gaps

Gaps in a CV aren’t automatically a bad thing, as the candidate may have taken time out from their careers to look after an ill or elderly family member, return to study or even travel the globe.

However, it’s important to establish that a given gap is a reasonable one. If the candidate struggles to explain a gap on their CV, you have reason for concern.

Job hopping

A candidate whose CV shows a tendency to switch jobs every seven or eight months isn’t just one that you should avoid on account of the lack of commitment that this may indicate.

After all, recruitment campaigns are also expensive. You therefore won’t want to have to keep launching new ones because your employee has decided to leave barely a few months after their initial training is complete.

Spelling and grammatical errors

Attention to detail and an ability to present oneself well are skills that all jobs require, so you have good reason to worry about a candidate who lacks these traits.

Such a basic element of their CV as their spelling and grammar is something that every job applicant should take pride in, so we would strongly advise you to avoid candidates who haven’t paid close attention to this.

Lack of achievements

The impression that a candidate’s CV gives should be one of steady progression over time. Does their CV show a sustained increase in job status and responsibilities, or are they unable to show any real achievements at all?

There may be unforeseen circumstances, of course, in which a candidate’s responsibilities do decrease over time, but a good candidate will be able to explain this to potential employers.

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