Are your recruitment efforts coughing and spluttering? Here are 5 possible reasons why

Some firms seem to achieve success after success with a stable team, while others experience a lot of disruptive staff turnover. If your company is in the latter category, you might struggle to find staff who match your firm’s culture or technical needs. This could result in them rapidly exiting and being replaced by someone else.

If you suspect that poor hiring is partly driving your own company’s high employee turnover, it’s time to assess why you may not be attracting the best people. Below are a few possibilities.


You’re focusing too much on locals

Yes, it’s handy to be able to recruit someone who lives nearby and should therefore consistently turn up to work on time. But it might be that the people your business needs aren’t based in your locality. There may be much deeper talent pools in cities 20-30 miles away.

Don’t ignore these people – you’ll just have to be good at selling the relocation opportunity to them.


Your job descriptions aren’t doing the job

Good job descriptions are very specific and detailed. But even more than that, they give the prospective applicant a real sense of what it would be like to work at your company, with your people, and in the distinctive culture of your workplace.

Do your own job descriptions communicate all of this, or do they give the impression that your company is an unremarkable one compared to its rivals?


Your job interviews don’t probe deeply enough

Remember that the purpose of a job interview isn’t so much to assess an applicant’s technical skills – after all, this should be obvious enough from reading their CV. Instead, it’s really about getting a broader picture of the candidate as a person, including how they think and what they value.

The questions that you ask at interview should therefore be as probing as they are open-ended. The focus ought to be on getting a real dialogue going, rather than simply checking off a list of things to ask about.


Your application process isn’t as smooth and seamless as it should be

The savviest companies are continually reviewing and taking steps to further streamline their recruitment process – for the benefit of both candidates and themselves.

Not only should your firm’s hiring approach be relatively swift to avoid candidates feeling abandoned, but it should also be clear, so that applicants know what will happen, and when.


Your recruitment software isn’t up to scratch

Building on the previous point, a leading company will keep a close eye on the software that it uses, and periodically compare ATS providers to ensure it is continuing to receive the best solution from its present provider.

Our own Webrecruit ATS package here at Webrecruit receives updates on a monthly basis, and enables the efficient and cost-effective management of your recruitment campaigns.

If you’ve been looking at ATS providers and like the sound of what our software can bring to your company, why not take a look at our case studies or book a demo today?

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