EDI: Greater Diversity Starts with Recruitment


Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) is, and should be, a cornerstone of all organisation’s hiring and retention efforts; EDI is not just a tick box exercise, but a conscious commitment by organisations to improve diversity within their business to make opportunities more equal, and inclusive.


With greater diversity comes greater operational efficiency, engagement, and achievement; the more inclusive you and your organisation are when it comes to ensuring everyone has a voice, the more likely it is you will achieve greater things as your operation will be more inclusive.


So, how do you ensure you are getting your EDI efforts during recruitment right to make a real impact? Read on to find out more!


EDI-focused Advertising


Job advertisements could be a prospective candidate’s first time engaging with you and your organisation, so it is important to make your commitment to greater diversity in the workplace clear in your job advertisement. This can be done in many ways, with many organisations now opting to put an EDI statement into all adverts to showcase their standing commitment across all roles and departments, as well as at the core of their organisation. Where some organisations fall flat here is not explaining the why? EDI should not be a tick-box exercise, so it is important to question your organisation as to why this is vital and explain why you are committed to EDI in the workplace; it could be to create more diversity in decision making, it could be to make sure you are representing your community fully, etc. but explaining why is important.


It is also important to engage with a selection of media that focuses on diversity and the encouragement thereof in the workplace (and society at large) and there are now many such platforms that specialise in this arena. It is also important to think about using language that encourages inclusivity; this can be a very technical arena but there are many websites and platforms now that can sense check adverts for inclusive/exclusive language and advise accordingly (as well as professional Copywriters who will be able to advise further).


Recruitment Software & Applicant Tracking Systems


An Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and other recruitment software platforms also have a key part to play in the encouragement and execution of EDI efforts in the recruitment process. When looking for a recruitment software supplier, it is key to look for functionality that will help reduce or negate unconscious bias in the hiring process; this can take form in a variety of guises, but the ability to anonymise CVs and profiles can greatly support efforts in this area.


Some organisations will also have quotas and/or expectations to achieve to ensure EDI activities are working and supporting organisational goals, and it is important to select a software partner who can provide reporting functionality that can easily report on the diversity of applications at the click of a button. This can help you track how your EDI efforts are working, and whether there is more you could do to further support your activities and actions in this area.


Careers Sites


Careers sites are your organisation’s “shop window”, providing prospective and passive candidates with the opportunity to find out more about what it would be like working with you and what is important to your organisation culturally; EDI is undoubtedly important, and your commitment should be showcased to a) provide reassurance to all candidates and b) encourage a diverse range of applicants.


In addition, ensuring a positive and smooth user experience is vital and you will want to consider how you can ensure your application process is accessible to all (ie. Such as having changeable fonts that can also become bigger, etc.) so you don’t miss out on any talent, providing an inclusive experience for all. You will also want to consider how your careers site and application process is navigated on various devices to encourage the greatest spectrum of applications.


If you are wanting to improve your EDI efforts and activities, Webrecruit’s hiring platform comprises advertising and tech-based solutions and features to help you achieve your diversity goals and, most importantly, monitor your progress moving forwards. Whether you want to connect with people from underrepresented talent pools or ensure your hiring process complies with equality regulations, we’ve got you covered.


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