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How and why should you ‘gamify’ your recruitment process?

‘Gamification’ is a term that has been circulating around the corporate world with ever-greater intensity in recent times. Is it something that has any real relevance to your business – in particular, your approach to hiring?

The answer might just be a surprising ‘yes’ – and here’s why.

Gamified hiring can be better hiring

Gamification is all about applying game dynamics to contexts and business strategies that theoretically have nothing to do with gaming. We’re talking things like marketing, sales, project management, employee engagement… yes, that’s right, not merely recruitment.

One of the great advantages of gamification is that it can inject fun into what might otherwise be quite mundane and dull elements of corporate strategy. In particular, it provides ‘gamers’ with incentives to do well in the game, which can be highly applicable to recruitment.

Incorporate gamification into your hiring, and you aren’t just presenting your organisation as an innovative and tech-savvy employer. That’s because it can also really help you to pinpoint those candidates that are best aligned with your own requirements.

It enables you to construct ‘game-like’ situations to test whether candidates possess specific skill sets, competencies and personality traits. In the process, your candidates can gain a better sense of what daily life in your organisation would be like, while having the confidence that they will be selected solely on merit.

So, here are some of the ways to get started

If you like the idea of gamifying your hiring, there are many ways to make it possible. You might incorporate games, tests and problem-solving assignments into your recruitment, or hold video interviews at various stages of the process. The latter could enable you to capture responses to questions at an early stage that you might have once saved for the formal in-person interview.

Your candidates can be further encouraged to continue through the process by a ‘progress bar’ that shows them how close they are to being selected. All in all, gamifying your recruitment could be one of the keys to bringing your hiring approach into the 2010s and beyond.

Complement such gamified elements with recruitment software that is designed to further streamline your hiring with the highest-quality data and continually updated features, and you could hardly be better equipped to run the most engaging, swift and cost-effective talent-search campaigns.

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